United Kingdom: Chinese People Quit the CCP in London’s Chinatown

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October 1st is the date when the CCP achieved sovereignty over China, for Chinese people it’s also a death memorial day of the country. As this day was approaching, the UK 'Quitting the CCP Service Centres' organised activities in London, Cambridge, Manchester and other places to support the 43,000,000 people who have withdrawn from the three organisations of the CCP. After they understood much more about the CCP's evil nature, the local people quit the CCP on the spot.

Quitting the CCP Service Centre in China Town London
Volunteers spoke to members of the public about the recently exposed incident involving poisonous milk in oreder to clarify the CCP's evil nature. Based on the incomplete statistics from the Service Centre, on Sunday at least 50 Chinese people quit the CCP, Youth Organization, and the Young Pioneers.

Apart from dispatching the “Nine Commentaries”; “Why quitting from the three organizations of the CCP?” leaflets and Nine Commentaries truth VCD, the volunteers UK Quitting the CCP Service Centre specifically prepared to print flyers for this activity, the titles on the flyers were “Poisonous Milk Matter spread; Save the integrity of China; Disintegrate the CCP by all Chinese people” The title of “Poisonous Milk” attracted people to accept flyers, the people always stop there and read carefully, then disapproved of the CCP killing and doing bad thing to die without sons and many people quit the CCP due to it.
The Poisonous Milk Powder urged more people to quit the CCP

Mr. Jiang, who had just arrived UK from mainland China, said that for 59 years, under the autarchy of the CCP, firstly, farmers lost their land; then industrial and commercial restructuring: depriving the fortune from so called boss and capitalist; the next was all religious places were smashed, the abnormal death number reached 80 million. Following it, the student movement was suppressed and Falun Gong was suppressed. Therefore, CCP harmed China for 59 years, what so called “National Day” was not the date to celebrate the country, but a kind of “death memorial day”

Gao, a volunteer for the Service Centre, thought that the poisonous milk powder matter happening in mainland China justified the necessity of disintegrating the CCP. She thought that the CCP has kept doing bad things regardless of people's life and death for a few decades. She said, ”British colleagues in our company expressed that it was unbelievable that this could reach such a big scale, last for such a long time. 'What is the government doing? What is it thinking?!' I said, 'Yes, I feel that the Chinese people’s hope is based on ending the dictatorship of the CCP so that our children will really have safety.'"
Another volunteer expressed that the poisonous milk incident helped Chinese people to see clearly the truth about the CCP; in the past, when we were telling the truth by addressing the CCP’s anti-human nature people could not accept it, but last Sunday while she was talking with people about the poisonous milk incident, and reminding Chinese friends that the CCP was a real fountainhead of poison, few people were disproving her.

The activity on Sunday attracted many western people. One man excitedly came to the booth, introduced that he was just arriving from Edinburgh to study at the London School of Economics and Politics to pursue an undergraduate degree. He had heard about human rights persecution happening in China, he very much wished to understand why the CCP was persecuting human rights. A volunteer gave him an English version of the Nine Commentaries and told him that he could find the answer there.

Volunteers from the UK 'Quitting the CCP Service Centre' have been raising awareness and persuading their countrymen to “quit from the three organizations of the CCP” in Chinatown, London for more than two years.

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