United States: St. Louis Sales Executive says, "I Loved It! I Loved the Costumes, the Colours, I Loved the Culture"

Divine Performing Arts (DPA) and the Divine Performing Arts Orchestra presented its first show in St. Louis, Missouri, at the Touhill Performing Arts Centre on February 6th, 2009. The audience was both enthralled and delighted by the consummate beauty and purity of the show.

"Oh I Loved It! I Loved the Costumes, the Colours, I Loved the Culture"

Mr. Perkins, a Prudential sales executive, bought tickets at Costco for his wife, Mary, a legal assistant, and their friend, Ann Reprect, a real estate agent.

When Mr. Perkins was asked how he liked the show he replied, "I loved the costumes, the colours, I loved the culture - the way it was back then - up to the current times. And I loved all of the dancing!"

He continued, "I don't know how to interpret it all, but it was all so beautiful, it was all moving and it seemed so sincere. I just loved it!"

When he was asked to pick his favourite part of the show, he replied, "I don't know that I can pick out any one part that I liked the most. The entire programme was great.

"The singing was beautiful. I loved the lyrics and the way they had them posted on the screen so that I could understand them. I loved the entire programme and there isn't any one thing that I liked most or that I would add or take away. The entire programme was moving and I loved it."

"It's Fabulous! Never Saw Anything Like It in My Life!"

Mr. Perkins' wife was also very excited about the show, saying, "It's fabulous! Never saw anything like it in my life!"

When talking about her favourite part of the show, she said, "Well it's hard to pass up what we just saw in the last performance." Then, trying to hold back her emotions, she added, "But I really liked the one where they all went to Heaven after the persecution. Then they all got along. It was great."

The reporter asked Mrs. Perkins why the persecution part moved her so much, to which she tearfully replied, "Because it ended up happy and everybody just ..." She said she didn't know that persecution was still going on in China.

She added, "I don't know much about the Chinese culture. Seeing this show makes me want to learn more."

Ms. Reprect said the show was "Wonderful!"

"I liked the number in the second half called 'Welcoming Spring.' It had just beautiful colours - the beauty of the women. It was just outstanding," she said.

"It Was Just an Exciting Thing to Watch"

Ms. Reprect commented on DPA's portrayal of Chinese culture, saying, "I loved it. You know it is always nice to see different types of entertainment and how other cultures express themselves. And again, there's so many beautiful colors and poetry in motion in the performances. It was just an exciting thing to watch."

"I Pray for the Chinese People Because Many of Them Are Undergoing Persecution Today"

Mr. Stahl, an electrical engineer, and his wife, a pastor, were deeply touched by the show. Their son, an Asian language exchange student studying in China, had highly recommended Divine Performing Arts to both of them, encouraging them to attend the show.

"It's wonderful! It's wonderful! Since our son is in China, we wanted to do our best to understand the culture of China. We know very little about the Chinese culture," said Mr. Stahl.

When the reporter asked Mr. Stahl what he thought about traditional Chinese culture, he replied, "It is very interesting to see different cultures and see the historical Chinese culture and to better understand the persecution in China."

Mrs. Stahl emotionally added, "It was very, very ... that one scene about Falun Gong being persecuted ... is very, very good because my son has to show his passport to go to church in China. So I understand that one scene very much. I understand it a lot."

Mr. Stahl concluded by saying, "Pray for China. I pray for the Chinese people because many of them are undergoing persecution today. They don't have the same freedoms that we enjoy in America, and we want them to have those freedoms, so we pray for them."

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