United States: Divine Performing Arts DVD Seen in China: "It Is More Than Perfect"

After watching the 2009 DPA Chinese Spectacular DVD three times, an Asian financial manager for a foreign company in China said, "It is wonderful! The choreography of the women is graceful and exquisite. They appear light as a feather. I feel like I can lift them with my palm. The men's choreography is powerful and masterful. It is a manly display of traditional heroes in China."

"I like the dazzling, gorgeous costumes. I wish I could have those dresses myself." Then, she smiled and added, "Of course, I am not talking about the clothing of the bad guys."

"The backdrops and landscapes are pleasing and enjoyable. I liked every one of them, especially those heavenly scenes of gods and Buddhas descending into this world. I wondered how they did that."

"To me the music appears to have come from heaven." "The stories in the shows evoke compassion, bravery, and traditional Chinese values. They are so moving that I could not hold back my tears. I felt the compassion and difficulties facing the [Falun] Dafa practitioners. Their ability to hold on to truth and faith in the presence of evil is admirable."

"I am not sure exactly how to describe the performance of the DPA show. It is inspiring and ethically uplifting. I have watched it every year and had a good feeling every time."

The 60-year-old Mr. Long in Henan is a business executive. After he saw the 2009 DPA show he said, "It is truly great to promote authentic traditional Chinese culture."

A friend of a 25-year-old college graduate in Hubei told her that after watching the 2009 DPA show she felt it was perfect. She responded, " If you say it is a great show, I would agree. When you say it is perfect, I believe you are exaggerating. In this world, nothing is perfect." Later, after watching a few scenes of the show said, "This is truly beautiful. You said it was perfect. I think it is more than that. I can't think of a phrase to describe it."

A 40-year-old healthcare worker in Zhengzhou was watching DPA show on a DVD with her relatives. When she learned that the performers were Dafa practitioners, she said, "The Dafa practitioners are talented professionals. They come from all walks of life." Then, she turned to her two-year-old niece and said, "You said that you loved to dance. Look at these dancers. Why don't you learn from them?"

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