European VIPs Strongly Recommend: Go to See Divine Performing Arts

On February 9th 2009, the vice president of the European Parliament Mr Edward McMillan-Scott hosted a reception in the European Parliament to welcome the Divine Performing Arts European Tour. The president of the European Parliament Mr Hans-Gert Pottering also sent the congratulatory note to the Divine Performing Arts. At the reception, many European VIPs said that they saw the performance last year and were deeply impressed. They strongly recommended people to see the show.

“Tell everyone to see the performance, appreciate it and do your best to support the idea behind the show”

British member of the European Parliament Mr Gerard Batten at the reception

British member of the European Parliament Mr Gerard Batten saw the performance with his wife and youngest son in London last year. Talking about his impressions afterwards, he said, “I haven’t seen traditional Chinese performance before. We had a wonderful night, really enjoyed it. This is an excellent introduction to the traditional Chinese culture. Anyone, regardless of their background, can appreciate the show.”

Mr Batten said he liked all the programmes, "Truly wonderful". There was one scene in particular that gave him a lasting impression – it was a dance about people detained in prison by the Chinese Communist regime getting tortured: “This scene has remained with me all the times because I know it is true. It reflects the human tragedy in this world. It has been like this since the Chinese Communist Party took power in 1949. I am deeply impressed by this scene and greatly appreciate it. It is very inspirational.”

He said at the reception, “The most terrible tragedy in the 20th and 21st centuries is that China is still under the control of the Chinese Communist Party. Especially as China has such long and glorious history and civilization in the world. We in the western society don’t know much. This is why the performance by the Divine Performing Arts is so great. It displays the genuine Chinese culture.

“Moreover we know that the Chinese Communist Party’s tyranny is doomed to end. It is impossible for it to suppress its people forever. When that moment comes, when the Chinese Communist regime collapses, it will be very difficult to rebuild things destroyed by the regime. Therefore this performance that shows the best of the Chinese culture will provide people a model. This is truly a great event.”

He stressed: “Tell everyone to see the performance, appreciate it and do your best to support the idea behind the show.”

Lastly he conveyed his best wishes for the European tour of the Divine Performing Arts this year: “We greatly appreciate the efforts by the Divine Performing Arts. I believe the performance will be a great success. I look forward to see the show again in London in March. I hope everyone at the show will have a good time.”

“Wherever the Divine Performing Arts goes, people there will be very pleased and happy”

Former Chairman of the committee of the Regions of the European Union Jose Happart attended the performance in Antwerp in Belgium last year. He said happily: “That was the most wonderful time in my life. It was an excellent performance. The dances were all very lively and original.”

“I think it is very interesting to experience such performance. Moreover it is good to know there are a group of people behind the performance who want to do some very positive things".

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