United States: Chinese People Touched by DPA Show in Washington, DC

Upon its conclusion, the first of six Divine Performing Arts (DPA) shows at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC received long-lasting applause. Chinese from mainland China were among the audience, and were touched by the performance and felt proud of the display of traditional Chinese culture. Some shared their special feelings about the DPA shows.

Mr. Kang is a scholar from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He came to the US to visit his family. Touched by the DPA show, he said, "Many people who don't know the truly traditional Chinese culture might have mistaken something irrelevant as Chinese culture. The DPA has promoted the true and authentic traditional Chinese culture to the Western mainstream society. What DPA has done is extraordinarily significant!"

Having seen many shows in China, Mr. Kang is worried and pained by the current situation in China. He said, "Many shows in China are terrible! They only care about making money, but neglect conscience, responsibility and tradition. The modernist things that are shown are disgusting! The young generation has no idea what tradition is, much less to say about appreciating the classic... The DPA show is pure, righteous, classic and superb! The high-tech background and stage made a perfect combination to fully express the story. It broadened the horizon of the audience!"

Mr. Wang was a senior engineer at China's National University of Defense Technology before he came to the US two weeks ago. He had watched a DVD of the DPA show when he was in China, and he was greatly moved after seeing the DPA show live today. "It was as if my whole life was put in the show. He used "exciting and unforgettable" to describe the show.

Wang said that as soon as the DPA artists appeared on stage, he could feel they were very compassionate and pleasant. They seemed to have flown out from the clouds, starting from the very first programme. He said he wanted to follow Jigong when he flew away, and was most touched by the two pieces about the persecution of Falun Gong, "Persecuted on a Sacred Path" and "Dignity and Compassion." "A strong echo arose in my heart when watching the dances. It was very saddening. It was very true. The reality of the persecution is much worse. What I heard and saw in China is much worse. The programs showed the dark reality in China. The director's artistic treatment is great! It's perfect!... The good will be rewarded and the evil punished." Though Mr. Wang doesn't practise Falun Gong himself, he has deep sympathy for Falun Gong from the bottom of his heart. "I have been holding back these words for a long time! I couldn't say this in China. I believe the DPA will be on stage in China some day! The dark clouds above China will be dispersed!"

Ms. Wang is an accountant, originally from Zhejiang Province of China. Her sister recommended the DPA show to her. She said, "It's extraordinary! I am glad I came! The costumes, dance and music were so unique! As was the cultural meaning of Divine Performing Arts! Everything was beautiful!" Ms. Wang said she had seen many shows by Chinese performing groups. They mainly gave shows at universities and dared not to think about giving a show in Kennedy Center. She was very proud to see DPA here tonight.

Mr. Chen is from Shanghai. He recently came to the US for a family visit. He came all the way from New York to watch the DPA show. He was filled with joy after seeing the show. "We Chinese are so proud to see that DPA presents such authentic and classic Chinese art in the world's top palace of art! The dance, music, and costumes were gorgeous! I liked it very much! The DPA is so powerful!"

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