Persecution at Harbin Women's Prison

The information below is from two letters sent out from detainees at Harbin Women's Prison.

Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioner Wang Yan

In late 2008, a so-called "blood-collecting" campaign started at Harbin Women's Prison. This is not only to verify blood type, but also place DNA gene information on record. In order to sustain the persecution in the long term, the Communist regime forced all detained practitioners to participate.

Many people were involved, including a staff surnamed Pan, Mou Yulan, Zhou Zhihong, and other guards. At that time, Mou grabbed Wang Yan from behind and pulled himself onto her back, while Zhou Zhihong grabbed Wang Yan's arm to take her blood. About 10 people were involved.

Persecution of Practitioner Wang Aihua

Wang Aihua is detained at Harbin Women's Prison Division 6. She has been persecuted there since July 2008. Because of torture, her heart has irregular rhythms of palpitations. She also has chest pain and is physically weak. In Division 6, the guards changed their strategy. They no longer forced practitioners to labour, but asked inmates to monitor them.

Several guards (including Yan Yuhua, Song Yu, Du Wei, Zhang Xiaojuan) persecuted practitioners many times. They instigated inmates to beat practitioners, which inmate He Hong volunteered to do. Several inmates (including Fei Enrong, Sui Shumei, He Hong, Du Jian, Zhao Shulan) were all involved and they did not allow practitioners to talk with each other.

Harbin Women's Prison:
Address: Division 6 at 389 Xuefu Road, Nangang District in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, 150069
Responsible guards: Yan Yuhua (director), Song Yu, Du Wei, Zhang Xiaojuan

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