Ms. Lin Lihua Taken to Court after Seven Months in Detention

The Chinese Communist officials in the Chaoyang District forced the court to hold an open hearing on Ms. Lin Lihua. On February 19th, 2009, the Wenyuhe Court in the Chaoyang District in Beijing conducted a hearing on Ms. Lin Lihua. However, her family was not allowed to enter the courtroom and were told that all seating was taken. In fact, there were plenty of empty seats. Five police officers were in attendance.

Before the hearing, Lin Lihua had been detained for over seven months.

At midnight on July 9th, 2008, she and her daughter were taken from their home to the detention centre in the Chaoyang District. According to reports, they were arrested by Wu Tiezhu and Su Jiabin from the Gaobei Police Station in Beijing.

At the detention centre, Ms. Lin was interrogated by Zhang Yingnan, an officer from the Preliminary Hearing Section of the Public Security Bureau in the Chaoyang District. This officer was in charge of all cases related to Falun Gong practitioners. At the Preliminary Hearing Division level, the officers who conducted the interrogation were Teng Jing and Wang Yuheng.

Preliminary Hearing Division in Beijing: 86-10-87395242 (Teng Jing and Wang Yuheng)

Preliminary Hearing Section in Beijing: 86-10-65484872 (Zhang Yingnan)

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