Taiwan: A Special Children's Day Present

On April 3rd, school teacher Mr. Chu of Chongguang Elementary School took his class to view the Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance International Art Exhibit which is on display in the Taichung County Culture Centre. He said that good artworks can nourish people morally and spiritually and the exhibit was a special Children's Day present for his students.

Students of the Chongguang Elementary School admired the artworks at the exhibit

Mr. Chu is an art teacher and he emphasises teaching children how to appreciate art. He said, "Art is an important component of life and good artworks can nourish people morally and spiritually. Attending art exhibits can not only enhance the students' artistic sense but also help them grow positively.

"The artworks at this exhibit are mostly paintings, offering a great learning opportunity for my students. In addition, the exhibit conveys an important message: the unyielding faith of Falun Gong practitioners. This will help them learn to respect others' beliefs and learn the principle of 'Good will be rewarded and Evil will meet retribution.'"

The students were very excited to see the exhibit. They not only listened to the introduction given by an exhibit guide but also took many notes.

Mr. Chu said, "An art exhibit is for appreciating motionless beauty. Every painting has a story behind it, and children can either admire it quietly or listen to the exhibit guide to learn about its message. Prior to Children's Day, the students received all kinds of presents from different companies and organisations. Today I took them to the exhibit to appreciate the paintings and I think this is a spiritual present, a special present."

Editor's Note: Children's Day is April 4 in Taiwan.

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