Australia: Audiences Continue To Be Moved By Shen Yun - "It's A Pleasure To See The True Cultural Heritage of China," "Stunning and Wonderful!"

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The damp weather in usually sunny Queensland certainly didn't put a damper on theatre-goers spirits. They were well and truly impressed after seeing Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Conservatorium Theatre in Brisbane on Saturday, April 11th.

Ms. Daley, who has been teaching Middle Eastern Dance for almost 20 years, enthusiastically expressed her appreciation of Shen Yun. "Oh they're just absolutely wonderful, the dancers have wonderful skill. You can clearly see the high level of skill. I love the backdrops, the entire show is beautiful!"

Ms. Daley, who has been teaching Middle Eastern Dance for almost 20 years

Her only regret was that Shen Yun was in Brisbane for only a short time, and that she had not seen the show earlier. She said, "Tonight has certainly opened my eyes to Chinese culture, it has made me realise, I didn't really know a lot about the true culture. I feel closer to the art form and their ethnic dancing."

Ms. Daley went on to say, "I really don't know of any other groups that have done such a good job of spreading their culture, displaying the dance skills that come from their culture."

It was indeed a night where teachers from different fields found themselves learning about a culture's true heritage. Primary School teachers Mr. Dobrenov and Ms. Coles knew they had witnessed something special while watching Shen Yun.

Ms. Coles said, "I was really moved during the performance of the father being persecuted because of his Falun Gong practice, and that I felt really moved by that performance. And just the impression of having part of the Chinese culture lost because of the current regime, that's really moving as well and it just made me feel there's such beauty within that culture that you don't get to see and it's such a pleasure to be able to see that in this forum."

From his professional standpoint as an educator, Mr. Dobrenov felt all the lessons in Shen Yun were very valuable. The show also struck a personal chord for him, "I myself grew up in communism. I was 21 when I came here to Australia, so I understand how the culture gets lost. I'm just now learning about different beliefs and different cultures, and this show definitely portrays a new kind of view for me that I didn't know before. We just absolutely love the performance!"

Father and Son Surprised and Impressed

Management consultant Mr. Johnson and his son, spent a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon seeing Shen Yun for the first time.

Mr. Johnson said, "Oh, this is beautiful! The performers are doing a wonderful job. I love the costumes and the dance routines, and they're all very, very talented."

His son was just as impressed as his dad, Mr. Johnson said, "I'm really enjoying it, and I think my son is surprised he is enjoying it so much; it's interesting to see his reaction."

Roots In Ancient China

Retired teachers Ms. Bardy and Ms. Young were among audience members who felt drawn to the beauty of China's ancient culture, and "It was spectacular and it made me realise that such a lot of dance is obviously related to Ancient Chinese dance, which I hadn't appreciated before Shen Yun," said Ms. Young.

A delighted Ms. Bardy had many positive words to describe the wonder of Shen Yun. "Fantastic, very professional, absolutely beautiful costumes. Really, really - I don't know how to describe it really."

Theatre Professional: Shen Yun Stunning!

Ms. Kennedy, a former actress, director and drama teacher was amongst the highly appreciative audience. As a professional for over 30 years in the theatrical arts, she was amazed by the "very high production values" in Shen Yun, saying, "They are stunning."

She was also impressed by the unique digital backgrounds saying "I love the people floating off .... that's stunning ... Very good, very effective."

She especially mentioned the singers, "Both the gentleman [Yuan Qu] and the lady, [Chia-ning Hsu], they were absolutely breathtaking. He has got such a rich deep voice. That was incredible and she was beautiful too."


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