Canada: Toronto Divine Land Marching Band Warmly Received at Easter Day Parade

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On April 12th, 2009, the Divine Land Marching Band participated in the annual Easter Day Parade in Toronto, Canada and was warmly welcomed by the spectators.

Toronto Divine Land Marching Band warmly received in its second year participation in the Easter Day Parade

At 2:00 p.m., the parade set off at Victoria Park Ave and Queen St E. The weather was cold, but brilliant sunshine accompanied tens of thousands of spectators to turned out to appreciate the parade, which featured over 80 entries, with 45 floats and 7 bands. The Toronto Divine Land Marching Band received a warm response from the audience.

Parade coordinator Sharon Ramsden said, "The Divine Land Marching Band has taken part in our parade for the past two years. Their performance was really outstanding."

Kerry Kigo, who lives in downtown Toronto, said, "I have been here to watch the Easter Day Parade for five years now. There were not many spectators and groups participating five years ago. Look, there are so many groups and such a majestic Falun Dafa band. This band performed wonderfully, and their costumes were pleasing to the eye. I admire them for their contribution to the community, and appreciate their bringing something wonderful to a multi-cultural Toronto."

Julie from Scarborough said, "I like this band very much. Its performance was wonderful. Some of the pieces they performed felt very familiar to me."

Amy and her family of three came to Toronto two years ago from Japan. She said, "It's the second time that I have watched the parade. I'm glad that I saw the Chinese band twice. Their performance was beautiful and moving."

Ram, a young man who was born in Canada, was originally from Guangdong Province in China. He told the reporter, "I feel wonderful seeing this band in their blue costumes. I'm pleased to see a band of my own nationality in the community. It embodies the diversity of Toronto."

Sue from Korea was excited and said, "This band is terrific!"

Jiang Fan, coordinator of the Divine Land Marching Band, also expressed his satisfaction. He said, "When the Divine Land Marching Band passed by, many spectators showed great enthusiasm. At the end of each piece, we could hear applause from the audience. We could also see that they were pleased from their facial expressions."

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