Practitioners Arrested and Harassed by Mudanjiang Railway Police Department

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The Railway Police Department issued orders to the Harbin Railway Police Department to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The Mudanjiang Railway Police Department immediately got to work. When they were asked whether they could meet the goal of arresting six practitioners, Sun Haibin, director of the Domestic Security Division, said yes. During the past few months, officers from the Mudanjiang Railway Police Department have arrested and harassed practitioners regularly, completely disrupting their daily lives.

At 7:30 a.m. on December 7th, two officers from the Mudanjiang Police Department and two officers from the Qitaihe Railway Police Station went to the Qitaihe Railway Section and arrested Mr. Hou Wenfeng. They searched his office at work and questioned him. They also combed through his house, taking away Falun Gong books and some personal items. Around ten in the morning, Mr. Hou was taken to the Mudanjing Railway Police Department.

On November 12th, Sun Haibin and eight others went to the Mudanjiang Railway Department where Mr. Zhao Hongxiang was working. They took him away, using the excuse of checking some employment issues. Soon after that they combed through Mr. Zhao's house. They got nothing but an MP3 player with Falun Gong content in it. They put Mr. Zhao in Aihe Detention Centre, which is part of the Railway Police Department.

On November 20th, Sun Haibin and several officers arrested Mr. Li Xueren at home. Mr. Li is a practitioner who works in the food business. Now he is in Aihe Detention Centre.

On the afternoon of November 20th, Sun Haibin and an officer surnamed Deng arrested Mr. Chen Yueshan, an employee of the Mudanjiang Railway Department. Mr. Chen is being held in Aihe Detention Centre.

All those practitioners' families and employers tried to rescue them because they are good people and excellent employees. However, there is still no response from the police station.

Mudanjiang Railway Department has been arresting and harassing Falun Gong practitioners since September. On September 10th, Ms. Zhang Jinfeng, a Mudanjiang Railway Department employee, was arrested. She was subjected to brainwashing in an "education and transform" [forcibly renounce Falun Gong] session, which was held by the Harbin Railway System. Ms. Zhang was sent home some time before October 1st.

On September, 23rd, officers from the Mudanjiang Railway Police Department harassed practitioners from the railway department and their families, severely disturbing their normal work and life.

Personnel related to this persecution case:
Mudanjiang Railway Police Department
Sun Haibin: 86-13303635000 (Mobile)
Deng Tao: 86-13836361717 (Mobile)
Qi Xin: 86-1376659818 (Mobile)

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