Former Victim of Communism Supports Lawsuits Against CCP Officials

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“This is a beginning, we must give our full support for it.” said by Mr Siegmar Faust in Germany with an overwhelming Saxony accent. Here, the beginning stands for the two sentences separately made in both a Spanish court and an Argentine court. Five high-ranking officials of the Chinese Communist Party including the former leader Jiang Zemin were sued by Spain's National Court for genocide and the crime of torture. On December 17, 2009, a command by the Argentine federal judge, Lamadrid, requested Interpol to arrest Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan, who launched the persecution against Falun Gong in mainland of China.

Born in Saxony, which was part of the former East German bloc, Mr. Faust was put into prison twice due to spreading literary works that were banned by the East German communist regime. During this period, he was jailed in a basement for 400 days due to his attempt to deliver anti-persecution publications. After German reunification, in Saxony, he served as Stasi (East German secret police) Records Management Commissioner.

“This provides hope for the victims of the despotic regime, and has made them feel the existence of justice and what they have done is worthwhile. Everything can not escape from the eyes of the public in the world. What they have done is not in vain.”  Mr. Faust said.

Mr. Faust spent his whole life in struggling against communist regime and exposing the tyranny of the communist party. He said “it is incorrect to discuss human rights with the communist regime behind closed doors. They should be sued in international courts with tangible evidences collected by long term investigations. Even when these criminals go to countries where they could not be extradited to the courts, the opponents in those countries can protest against them with support of the evidence and court judgments, e.g. put these evidences on banners. If so, they would not dare to go abroad. All democratic countries should sue them. They should feel distressed if they are sued wherever they go.

"The dictator should know, they can no longer do whatever they want to do. They are the world's focus, and can even be prosecuted. They cannot travel overseas. In case of the domestic turbulence, they do not know where to go.” Faust added “In particular, nowadays global communication is developed. Many things can no longer be hidden, with the existence of the internet. Those dictators can be called out by name. witnesses could be located by a variety of ways,whether they are still in that country, or have left that country. a lot of organizations can be involved, such as Amnesty International and so on. "

At end of the interview, Mr. Faust  said, "This is a very good start!" He believes that a chain reaction will be caused by the decisions of the two Western democracies.

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