The Recent Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners in Liaoning Province Women's Prison

Liaoning Province Women's Prison is located in Shenyang City. Falun Gong practitioners have been detained and persecuted there for a long time. The persecution is especially bad in Division 10. Practitioners there are pressured to "transform" [forcibly renounce Falun Gong].

Newly detained practitioners have to sleep on the ground and are deprived of sleep at night. Two inmates take turns to monitor one newly detained practitioner. In addition to not being allowed to interact with others, they were also forced to read books or watch DVDs that defame Falun Gong.

In Division 10, detainees are often forced to work overtime at night, and they often have to work on Sundays. In late 2009, detainees often worked until past midnight or all night long, in addition to all day. Li Jing, a supervisor in Group 2 of Division 10, had inmates Sun Yanan and Liu Shu beat and verbally abuse practitioner Ms. Qi Ximin and try to force her to write statements criticizing herself.

On September 23rd, 2009, because practitioner Ms. Wang Chunyan (Group 2 of Division 10) did not wear the inmate badge, team head Li Jing called her to the office. Prison ward head Dai Jing wanted to put her in the solitary confinement cell. When stepping out of the office, Ms. Wang called out, "Falun Gong is good!" and fainted. Because of that, the guards did not persecute her any worse.

On December 2nd, 2009, because practitioner Ms. Liu Xingge (Group 2 of Division 10) did not wear the inmate badge, supervisor Li Jing called her to the office. Several people were at there, including guard Cui Jie, officer Wu Jiaxu, and Group 5 head Sun Weijing. Prison ward head Dai Jing came in and asked why Ms. Liu did not wear the badge. Ms. Liu did not answer.

Seeing Dai Jing with an electric baton in her hand, Ms. Liu told her, "Please do not do this to me--it is not good for you. I am not a prisoner; why should I wear the badge?" Dai Jing grabbed Ms. Liu by her clothes, and Ms. Liu called out, " Falun Gong is good!" They held Ms. Liu down on the floor as she continued to call out, " Falun Gong is good!" Dai Jing forced Ms. Liu's left hand behind her back. Wu Jiaxu, Sun Weijing, and others held Ms. Liu's feet. Then Dai Ying attempted to stuff a rag in her mouth, but failed even after several attempts. As Dai Jing stamped on her back, they handcuffed her. Dai Ying pushed her against the ground; she then stood up again. Dai Ying said, "Put her [Ms. Liu] in the solitary confinement cell."

Upon hearing that Ms. Liu's detention term expired on January 29th, 2010, Dai Ying said, "Then let her term expire while she is in the solitary confinement cell. That way, she will be kept for at least another week." In the beginning, Ms. Liu was handcuffed with her hands in front of her, but Wu Jiaxu changed it so that she was handcuffed behind her back. Not wanting Ms. Liu to shout out anything, Dai Jing attempted to stuff a rag into her mouth, but failed. They then used tape to wrap Ms. Liu's head, from her mouth to her hair in the back. Inmates Qiu Jie and Shen Xiaoli carried her into the solitary confinement cell, which was very cold. She was held there for over a month, from December 2nd, 2009, to January 6th, 2010.

Ms. Li Yuhua, a practitioner detained in Group 4 of Division 10, was put in a solitary confinement cell from October 10th to 19th because of an argument with Dai Jing.

Practitioner Ms. Huo Xiuqing, because of her high blood pressure, didn't do forced labour. She was force-fed with drugs by inmates Qiu Jie and Shen Xiaoli before October 1st, 2009. They also forced her to stay a whole day in an open area in the hallway. Her feet were injured because of the cold.

Practitioner Ms. Du Jingqin's (detained in Group 5 of Division 10) blood pressure was too high for her to work. However, after finishing work in the evening, the guards did not allow her to sleep. Instead, the guards ordered 12 inmates in her cell to take turns reading defaming books to her, two people a shift, till 10:00 p.m. They also ordered her to sit on a small stool, but she refused. Inmates then sealed the door and windows with newspaper and covered her with her own bed sheet before they beat her.

In Division 9, the determined practitioners, after they first arrived, were hung up in their cell, force-fed cold water, and had cold water poured over them. Then they were forced to do hard labour. Practitioner Ms. Fu Yan (detained in Group 5 of Division 9) refused to do hard labour and was put in a solitary confinement cell on November 15th, 2009. She returned to the cell on December 9th. But several days later, she was put in a solitary confinement cell again. It was very cold in the cell, and Ms. Fu did not have a quilt or winter clothes to keep herself warm. She had two tumours on her neck, which have now become malignant.

In Division 8 practitioners who refused to do hard labour were held in solitary confinement cells. It is very cold there, and they are not provided with a quilt or winter clothes. Practitioner Li Mingyan, detained in Division 3rd, was reported to have passed along Falun Gong articles to other people. She was thus put in a solitary confinement cell in December 2009, and has not been released as of January 6th. When personnel from Hebei Province came to visit, practitioner Jiang Wei stood up to expose the persecution of Falun Gong. She was put in a solitary confinement cell for nearly one month.

Personnel at Liaoning Province Women's Prison:
Division 10: Dai Jing, division head; Wu Jiaxu, aide; Sun Weijing, head of Group 5
Division 9: Wu Li, division head; Li Keqiao, officer
Division 3: Guards Ma Xiuyan and Li Chunfang
Division 2: Xu Zhaohui, division head; Zhang Lei, guard

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