Taiwan: Taiwan's Leaders Impressed by Shen Yun: 'Every Programme was Magnificent!'

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On the evening of March 19th, Interior Minister Jiang Yi Hua attended the Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company's 2010 premiere in Taiwan, together with his wife Mrs. Li Shu-Zhe. Dr. Jiang said enthusiastically, "The entire show was wonderful."

Interior Minister Dr. Jiang, "The themes are very positive."

Dr. Jiang and his wife were noticed by many other audience members as they entered the hall. Legislator Luo Shu-lei was among the celebrities who greeted them at the entrance.

Minister Jiang looked quite serious when he arrived, due to his tight daytime schedule, however after watching the show he said, "This is indeed a very superb performance."

Mr. Jiang added, "The themes are very positive and it [Shen Yun] is especially suitable for the young generation nowadays to watch." He also emphasised that it was great to get so many outstanding overseas Chinese artists together to perform on stage. "In the past, I had no idea about their background. After knowing that all of them are Chinese who have grown up overseas, I think they are really remarkable," he said.

When learning that there would be 43 Shen Yun shows performed in nine major cities in Taiwan, the Minister immediately said that it should be recommended to more people in Taiwan, so that they would be able to appreciate this artistic feast. He continued, "This is a promotional show for arts and culture. We should encourage the general public to see the show."

The Ministry of the Interior is among the most important ministries in Taiwan, in charge of many important government functions, including police, household affairs, social welfare, fire-fighting services, and other crucial public services.

Cultural Affairs Director Awed by Shen Yun

"Every programme was magnificent. The performance was exquisite and well-organised. It was a different type of performance with various national cultures. Shen Yun is a world-class . . . show," exclaimed Dr. Yang Guijie, Director General of the Keelung City Government's Cultural Affairs Bureau, after he attended the Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company's 2010 premiere in Taiwan on March 19th.

Dr. Yang continued, "We've often seen performing arts, but it was very rare to see ethnic folk dance performed so wonderfully ... .The choreography, costumes, each dancer's performance were impeccable. In particular, the coordination among the dynamic backdrops, music and dances on the stage was perfect."

Dr. Yang was moved by the various performances and said, "The minority ethnic groups' characteristics and their living circumstances were vividly illustrated through the dances and the colors of dancers' costumes. We saw the implication of harmonisation and mutual respect among different ethnic groups in this cultural artistic performance."

Talking about the dance In a Miao Village, in which dancers dressed in the Miao people's elaborate headdresses and ornate silver jewelry, as well as jingling bells on their pleated skirts, Director General Yang said that he has appreciated Miao folk dance and it was very rare for him to see such a fantastic performance.

He said, "The program that awed me was Nothing Can Block the Divine Path, which explicitly demonstrated Falun Gong practitioners' steadfastness in their belief."

Legislator Recommends that Others See Shen Yun

Legislative Yuan member Ms. Hsu Shao-Ping, and her family came to see the show.

Visibly moved by the performance, she said, "The performance of Shen Yun is very good. The dramas of the programmes are moving. I'll try my best to invite more of my friends to see such a good show."

All smiles, Ms. Hsu said that she had seen Shen Yun with her daughter at the Kennedy Opera House in the US in 2009, and could immediately appreciate the artistic value of Shen Yun.

She learned that Shen Yun was coming to Taipei from one of her professor friends. "So this is the second time I have seen Shen Yun. Once in the United States and once in Taipei," she said excitedly.





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