Vienna's Largest Venue Welcomes Shen Yun

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The Shen Yun Performing Arts Touring Company was greeted with thunderous applause and loud calls of 'Bravo!' as they staged two shows at Wiener Stadthalle, in Vienna, Austria, on April 17, 2010.

A view of the ancient city Vienna.

Businessman: "We can only say that everything was in harmony."

Manfred Lang, a businessman, and his wife, Helga Lang, attended the show with the goal of learning more about Chinese culture.

"We actually gave this a try because we wanted to learn more about Chinese culture, and I must say, we loved the show," said Mr. Lang.

Referring to the dance set, Wu Song Battles the Tiger, Mr. Lang said, "The rendition of the tiger story was fabulous. The choreography was impressive and the dance was particular outstanding."

Mr. Lange concluded by saying that he admired the costumes noting that they "harmonized with everything, especially in combination with the dance and the backdrop. We can only say that everything was in harmony."

Opera Fan: "The discipline displayed in every scene is unbelievable!"

In Vienna, tradition is still important, which can be seen by the many horse-drawn carriages waiting for passengers at Vienna's Michaelerplatx.

Alois Bachheimer, an opera buff, said he thoroughly enjoyed the show. This is his second time seeing the Shen Yun performance.

During intermission he was asked why he keeps coming back to the show, to which he replied, "We can learn a lot from this show. I admire you. The discipline displayed in every scene is unbelievable!"

Continuing he said, "In the past I was an opera buff and still like to see shows. I'm very impressed with the erhu [a Chinese two-stringed instrument]. It was fantastic. What a pity that one does not hear these instruments musical tones more often in our halls. The technical skills and virtuosity were enormous."

He added, "We can learn a lot from these dances, starting with the appearance of the dancer's fragility to the spirituality, and learn that there really are godly type entities."

Mr. Joerg Augustin, a business data processing specialist, attended the show with his friend, Sabine Bergner.

Both said that they were deeply touched by the dance set, Nothing Can Block the Divine Path, which depicts the senseless persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in contemporary China.

"That scene deeply touched me. It was so realistic," said Mr. Augustin.

Piano students from China: the Shen Yun pianist "performs from the heart"

In the audience were two young piano students from China who had also attended the Shen Yun Performing Arts show in 2009.

With admiration welling up in their hearts, they ran to the orchestra pit with the hope of sharing their appreciation of the musicians' talents.

"The pianist is great because she performs from the heart. It sounds so pleasant to the ear," said one of the students.

They expressed their delight in seeing a Chinese cultural show in Vienna and absolutely loved the show.

"We were extremely happy that Chinese folk dance was brought to the Viennese people," they said in unison and with joyful smiling faces.


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