Ukraine: Odessans Condemn CCP Interference, Eagerly Anticipate the Arrival of Shen Yun

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When news of interference with the May 28 Shen Yun performance in Odessa by the Chinese Embassy to Ukraine reached the public, local people from all walks of life, as well as government officials, were quick to register their condemnation.

Ukraine MP Evgheni [pronunciation] said in response, "When we were discussing the event with the theatre, there were, indeed, 'suggestions' from the Chinese Embassy. I have sent a written request, pleading for state officials to guarantee an unobstructed performance. I have registered my request in writing. I expect to receive a written reply on Thursday or Friday."

Ukraine MP Alexander said that it was obviously an unpleasant moment for Ukraine.

Ukraine MP Kaemazi said, "[They] can't deprive the free people of Odessa an opportunity to see it [Shen Yun] in person. I've therefore written to the President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister, the State Security Bureau, and the Odessa State Administrator. I said, "No such a thing as 'supervision' should exist in Ukraine in preparing for a fine arts performance."

The Ukraine Helsinki Group Chairman strongly condemned the Chinese Communist regime's unreasonable interference disgraceful. He said, "It is unprecedented and irrational for (the CCP) to have such an attitude regarding world renowned artists who represent ancient, enriching, and outstanding Chinese culture. The (CCP) is very much against having Ukraine audiences see this performance."

Odessa ATV television station reported that the Shen Yun Performing Arts' touring company has performed hundreds of shows and earned the highest of commendations. They noted that the reason the CCP seeks to halt the Shen Yun performances is because there are two programs related to China's persecution of Faun Gong in its repertoire.

Odessa websites "Echo" and "Bridge" also covered the news about the Chinese Embassy's interference with Shen Yun's performance. Local media featured extensive coverage of the CCP scandal. The people of Odessa are looking forward with anticipation to the arrival of Shen Yun.

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