Chinese Communist Regime Uses Tour Guides to Deceive and Threaten Visitors to Hong Kong

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A practitioner and his wife from mainland China went on a trip to Hong Kong in April 2010. Being part of a tour group, they noticed that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents were posing as tour guides to spread malicious rumours and lies to the tourists. This particular person, claiming to be a tour guide, is from the Shenzhen Tourist Company. He said that practitioners who speak with tourists about Falun Gong in Hong Kong do not have regular jobs and have been hired to do this work. They also said that the people talking are not real practitioners and that whoever listens to or reads their materials will not only be punished themselves, but they will also implicate others in the same tour group.

On the way from Hong Kong International Airport to Lo Wu Customs, he started spreading rumours and threatening the tourists. He claimed that practitioners in Hong Kong hire many people without jobs to spread propaganda by distributing newspapers and other materials to tourists. He then threatened the tourists by saying that any tourist who listens to them or reads their materials will be considered a Falun Gong practitioner when they return to the mainland. He went on to say that whoever brings Falun Gong's newspapers and books back with them will implicate all tourists in the same tour group.

Prior to this trip, I heard some tourists from the mainland talk about their tour guides threatening them to not accept or take any newspapers they were offered by practitioners, and not to even read the displays about Falun Gong. If anyone reads them, these agents, working as tour guides, said that practitioners will videotape them and then publish it on the Internet. His or her work place in mainland China will likely find out about this, and then they will be punished. His lies caused the tourists to become afraid.

After being threatened, many of the tourists went out of their way to avoid practitioners, even though they were in Hong Kong.

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