France: The Zhen Shan Ren International Art Exhibition opens in Bordeaux

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The Zhen Shan Ren International exhibition opened in Bordeaux on March 2nd at the Halles des Chartrons, where it was on display until March 26th.

Ms Chantal Bourraqué, Member of Parliament for the Gironde region, attended the preview and welcomed the exhibition on behalf of the Mayor Alain Juppé.

Many visitors were moved to tears while visiting the exhibition, others were touched by the beauty of the works of art and said they would come back to better understand. Some also encouraged the organizers to do as much as they could to have this exhibition seen by all the people in Bordeaux.

Explanations in front of a painting (Photo by Bordeaux Gazette, Jean-Sébastien Dufourg)

The following is an extract from a report published in the Bordeaux Gazette: “This exhibition is an open window on a heart-rending and yet very important fact of life kept unfortunately under silence, especially in China, and authorities wish this subject to be hushed up everywhere, hence the difficulty of presenting this exhibition. Through this exhibition, artists on one hand uncover the tragic fate that awaits part of the Chinese population and, on the other hand, they pay tribute to the timelessness of “divine” art.

"Indeed, this exhibition tells us through these works of art on canvas about the beauty of the spiritual practice of Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) and, at the same time, about the cruelty of the persecution undergone by Falun Gong practitioners because of the regime. Most of them are taken prisoner, and even tortured after being asked to abjure their practice through an inquisitional-like ceremony, but many are used to supply organs which are being harvested while still alive. The regime leaves as few tracks as possible to make this difficult to prove but sometimes, people start talking. This is how thousands of deaths after torture or inhuman treatment have been documented.“

Brigitte Guiraud (organizer), Chantal Bourragué MP, and Hanna Sketelorom and Marie Mankiang Tchenfrom the association “La Voix de l’Espoir” (Photo by Bordeaux Gazette, Jean-Sébastien Dufourg)

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