Gansu Province Women's Prison Orders Criminals to Persecute Falun Gong Practitioners

The Gansu Province Women's Prison has formed a special section where all female Falun Gong practitioners from Gansu Province are held and subjected to varying degrees of persecution in an attempt to force practitioners to renounce Falun Gong.

The guards in that facility are well versed in torturing and humiliating practitioners. They are recognised by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership and heralded as role models for their role in the persecution. The guards from the Gansu Province Women's Prison teach their methods to other prison employees from around China.

Zhu Hong, the section chief, and Sun Liwei, the deputy section chief, have been training inmates in how to monitor and abuse Falun Gong practitioners. These inmates include drug users and drug dealers and hardened criminals. For every practitioner, there is at least one inmate that monitors and abuses her.

Every day, practitioners are forced to watch videos that slander Falun Gong for more than 10 hours and then they are forced to write reports about their views on the subject. If the report is not what is expected by the inmate, the practitioner may be verbally abused, brutally beaten, and forced to rewrite their report until the inmate approves.

The inmates have a free hand in the mistreatment of the practitioners, including using vulgar language, beatings, and torture. Torture and abuse include forcing practitioners to stand or face a wall for long periods of time, sleep deprivation, denial of toilet use, and much more. Some inmates demand that the practitioners wash their clothes, dishes and perform other personal chores.

The inmates teach each other their persecution methods and compete to invent new ones. Section chief Zhu Hong reduces their sentences or rewards them in other ways for inventing innovative approaches to persecuting practitioners.

Below are several examples of the persecution perpetrated on Falun Gong practitioners in Gansu Province Women's Prison:

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Li Xiulan, in her 60's, was beaten, not given food or water and was forbidden to perform personal hygiene or go to the toilet. When she was forced to wet her trousers, she was not allowed to change and had to clean the floor with the towel she used for washing her face. The inmates assigned to monitor Ms. Li were Yuan Xueying and Hua Wanli. They spat on her and forced her head into a toilet bowl. Ms. Li is now emaciated and disoriented as a result of the severe abuse.

Ms. Yan Ping was beaten by inmate Yang Huilin. She suffered sleep deprivation, was not given anything to drink, and was not allowed to perform personal hygiene and go to the toilet. Yang has slapped Ms. Yan in the face repeatedly.

Ms. Lu Huiqin, an elderly practitioner, was tortured until she became blind. She was forced to talk about how grateful she was to the guard and inmate for “looking after her,” and her words were recorded.

Ms. Mao was tortured by inmate Xian Deying, and had to be taken to a hospital for emergency treatment.
Feng Chunling, an inmate, was assigned to torture an elderly practitioner. She beat and slapped the practitioner in the face. One time, the practitioner's eye was injured to the extent that blood ran down her face. The injury didn't heal for several months. The practitioner was not allowed to go to the toilet, was forced to wear trousers that were wet with urine, and also had to perform personal services for Feng.

Jia Xiaolan was a drug dealer whose death sentence was commuted, and section chief Zhu Hong valued her methods of persecuting practitioners. Jia beat and brought false charges against a practitioner. In addition, Jia would require practitioners to provide personal services such as emptying her bedpan, massaging her back, washing her clothes, and so on. Zhu praised Jia and recommended that her sentence be reduced.

Gansu Province Women's Prison
Address: Jiuzhou Development Zone Box 68, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province
Postal Code: 730046
Duan Shengchen, warden
Gan Yumei and Dai Wenqin, deputy wardens
Xing, captain of the monitoring team
Staff members: Zhu Xianzong, Zhu Hong, SunLiwei, Ding Yuping, Lai Yidan and Coa Meng
An Qun, head of the Second Ward
Liu Ying, political Director
Ma Meiying and Duan Baofeng, heads in the Third Ward
Chi Huifa, political director

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