Daughter's Money Stolen, Father Jailed, Mother Forced to Leave Home - Police try to Ruin Family

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Chen Dun, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, was illegally sent to the Zhangshi Labour Camp. While he was serving the given term outside the labour camp, the police from the Zhangshi Labour Camp suddenly broke into Chen's home at midnight September 20, 2002. They abducted Chen and robbed his family of their cell phone, beeper and 5,000 Yuan in cash. Chen's wife, Geng Luqing, who has been forced to stay away from her home to avoid persecution, had borrowed the money from various people. Geng had left the money for their young daughter, who has nobody to take care of her. However, the labour camp police officers, after taking away the money, made up a story that the money was a Falun Gong "activity fund." [The average monthly income in urban areas of China is 500 Yuan, whereas in rural areas it s a mere 200 Yuan]

When Chen's little daughter went to the labour camp to ask for the money, Li Cai, the labour camp's Administration Section Chief, claimed, "The money will not be returned to you! You can go to wherever you want to appeal! You will be arrested if you come again to ask for the money!" What kind of law enforcement officer would go so far as to threaten and intimidate a little girl who has no one to look after her?

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