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  • Painting: Red and Green Plant

  • Poem: Unveiling

    Every lotus unfolding,Heaven’s transforming,Boundless realms coming to light.With clouds dispersing,Our world awakening,Hearts ascending to greater heights.
  • The New Song of the Seasons

    With an eyeful of green, unaware of the waking of the springHearing cries everywhere the heart and Heaven are callingLife is finally gained in a Millennium and everything is newIn the world, being spread is a Great Way of high virtue
  • Painting: Heavenly Beauty Playing a Piper

  • Chinese Idiom: Missing One Basket of Soil Spoils the Entire Effort to Build a Nine-Ren Mountain

    The legend has it that once upon a time in ancient China, a person started a project to build a nine-ren mountain. He moved one basket of soil after another and kept piling them up. When he had almost finished building the nine-ren mountain and needed only one more basket of soil to call it a success, he aborted the project due to a lack of persistence. Because of the lack of one last basket of soil, the entire effort to build a nine-ren mountain was spoiled by a narrow margin.
  • Drawing: Appealing for Falun Gong on Tiananmen Square

  • Ancient Cultivation Stories: Approaching Taoism Wholeheartedly

    He told the servant, “Just tell Liu Zhan I am Yi Ge.” The servant reported to Liu Zhan. Liu asked him what the visitor looked like. After he heard his description, Liu Zhan was very surprised and sighed with emotion. He welcomed Liu Qian to his cabin. Liu Qian still looked like he was twenty years old, while Liu Zhan, the exiled Prime Minister, was all white-haired in his feeble and declining years. Liu Zhan had mixed feelings of grief and joy.
  • Bookmark Design: Practitioner Meditating

  • The Mystery of the Dragon

    The Dragon, with its special implications, has been pervasive in all aspects of ancient Chinese culture, and it has become a strong spiritual symbol for the Chinese people. Do dragons really exist? Are they merely imaginations in the realm of spirituality, or do they have physical existence? It is still a mystery to us today. I was surprised that many eye-witness accounts about the appearance of dragons can be found in our history books, which entices me to re-examine whether dragons truly exist
  • Painting: Tired Embroidery Lady

  • Scientists Use Unusual Method to Find Newest Planet Outside Solar System

    German physicist Albert Einstein predicted gravitational lensing in his General Theory of Relativity. Thirteen years ago, Polish-born astronomer Bohdan Paczynski of Princeton University in New Jersey proposed using the method to detect planets outside our solar system. Now the group of astronomers of which Mr. Paczynski is a member has used the technique to observe a star-planet system 17,000 light years away.
  • Graphic Design: Falun Gong is Practiced Across the World

  • Poem: Journey Within

    Do not pursue, what is meant for you all is already there.Step inside your inner self and always act in accordance with Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.Never ever feel hatred or revenge instead, learn how to forgive and let compassion flow in boundless radiance.Do not doubt, you are capable of everything
  • Falun Dafa 'Thank You' Card

  • A German Music Album: Falun Dafa’s Path

    We are several Falun Gong practitioners from Germany who are musicians by profession. This is our contribution so that more Europeans will hear about the peaceful and spiritual Falun Dafa practice. We wish deep in our heart that this CD, inclusive of the persecution information contained within, be spread wide and far. You may play a part by making copies for your friends and relatives. We hope to find open hearts and your willingness to listen, so more and more people will be against the inhumane persecution of Falun Gong in China, and become active in stopping the persecution.