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  • Learning From Other Practitioners' Experiences

    I really want to live in every article that I read and translate; many times the feelings are so strong that my shoulders tremble because I admire the young, poor cultivators in China who save every penny to buy supplies to print truth-clarification materials. Many of them would rather be expelled from school than to have Dafa defamed, and many have become orphans because their parents have sacrificed their lives for Dafa.
  • Discussion on Responsibility

    I treated people according to ordinary people's mentality. I would treat a person well if he/she treats me well; otherwise I would treat them so-so. I lacked a compassionate mindset. Nevertheless, reading my colleagues' feedback created such a huge reaction in me. I really had a severe setback in my cultivation.
  • Young Practitioner: No More Resistance from My Family after I Improved My Character

    I hope all young Dafa practitioners treasure the opportunity to learn Dafa, watch less or no TV, and do not play computer games. Ordinary people enjoy those awful things that intoxicate their main spirits. They live in their dreams and fantasies. I hope young practitioners will not to be influenced by those everyday people's things.
  • What Does a Single Thought Bring?

    Suddenly I realized that a practitioner's single thought is very important. If you can consider matters from the standpoint of the Fa and constantly have righteous thoughts and consistently search inwards for your shortcomings and attachments, you will be able to assimilate to the Fa.
  • A Special Experience Sharing Conference in China

    An eight-year old child who started the practice with his mum has continued to do the exercises and study the Fa every day. He has been able to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in school. Several times when classmates hit him, he did not fight back nor talk back. He has been able to endure without any complaints.
  • My Nephew's 800 Yuan

    His father spoke to him happily, "You could save 50 yuan for school supplies like pens and pencils, and use 30 yuan to buy the lunch tickets." My nephew said seriously, "Dad, I wanted to add 20 yuan from my savings to this money to make it 100 yuan and give it to the truth-clarifying material centre to save more people." His father looked at his son, tears wet his eyes.
  • Thoughts on the Mentality of Showing Off, Zealotry and Pursuing Fame and Profit

    An older teacher came to borrow teaching material from me. I happily lent it to her and at the same time, I said, "I already know all of it." Showing off like this hurt her. She replied, "I also know all of it. I just want to see if there is something more." From this incident I realized that cultivating speech is not simply shutting my mouth, but not saying the wrong things when I must speak.
  • Searching Inside, Clarifying the Truth, and Validating FA

    Before cultivation, I had lots of attachments: smoking, drinking and knowing everything about beer and skittles. I lived in a mess and developed many bad habits. After cultivation, I understood that I couldn’t behave like before. I must get rid of my attachments to benefits and fame and live in a dignified and noble manner. I also understood that I must make judgements according to Fa, instead of according to common people’s standards.
  • Completely Getting Rid of Selfishness

    Sometimes a word from other people or an event touched my remaining attachments and shook my heart, causing me to become angry. I asked myself why my heart was trembling. I looked inside myself and found that I had some personal attachments. I had insisted on my personal opinion and wanted to gain some personal benefit from it.
  • Dafa Disciples' Children Are Here for the Fa

    I explained the benefits I received from practising Falun Gong to the policemen while in the car during the drive. Eventually they did not argue any more, they listened to me quietly. The policemen even took off his coat to cover my baby. I was very grateful to him. It was very cold outside and my daughter was freezing in the wet pants and quilt.
  • My Cultivation Experience and Some of My Understandings

    He made some very embarrassing statements. That was the most serious humiliation I had ever endured since I had graduated from school. Tears almost welled up in my eyes, but I knew I must not cry, I must not be beaten by the old forces, I must pass this test. I held my tears and said, "Thank you. I will pay more attention!"
  • Searching Within Oneself and Being a Genuine Dafa Disciple

    In the morning on the way to work, my human notions kept surfacing. In my mind, I either criticized that fellow practitioner for a lack of righteous thoughts or complained about that practitioner for lacking a strong main consciousness. I reproached and complained about others. All of a sudden, I remembered the requirement to search inwards and treat fellow practitioners with compassion,
  • Clarify the Truth to Save Sentient Beings

    During one period of time, almost everyday I would tell him a story that I read from Later, I gave him a book of cultivation stories. He was very happy. One day, he walked with me all the way into the restaurant lot, and started to shout: “Falun Dafa Hao (Falun Dafa is good).” I walked to him and said: “Good! Good! You’re blessed!” He said: “I don’t know why, as soon as I saw you I wanted to call ‘Falun Dafa Hao.’”
  • Shocked to the Origins of My Life

    I found the music VCD at home, listened to it, and learned the lyrics to the songs. After I memorized the lyrics and sang along with the VCD a few times, tears came into my eyes. I found every word that I sang was the same as the practitioner had sung, with full affection, full concentration, and high quality. At that moment, every word was a shock to me, to my body, and to my soul.
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Access NTDTV Again

    Ever since the Chinese government pressured Eutelsat to shut down NTDTV's signal on the W5 satellite, we have been waiting and hoping that overseas practitioners could help us restore the signal as soon as possible. Through studying the Fa, I realized that I was waiting, counting on others and had an attachment to comfort.