Vile Acts Towards Female Dafa Practitioner

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After I started to practise Falun Dafa, my body and spirit improved greatly. My family became happier and more serene. Because of these changes, my whole family began to practise Falun Dafa.

On July 19, 1999, the village head took other Falun Dafa practitioners and I to a private restaurant and detained us there. He forced us to watch TV programmes that defame Falun Dafa. None of us believed the lies on TV. They told us: "Whoever says 'I no longer practise Falun Gong', can go home; whoever refuses to say so cannot go home". Thus, we were detained there for 5 or 6 days.

After I was released, I found out that they hadn't informed my family about my detention, and as a result my family didn't know where I was. My boyfriend went to Beijing to appeal and was arrested in another city on the way. In the humid, hot summer, the police detained my boyfriend and other Dafa practitioners in a garage with a steel door. They said: "Bring 3000 Yuan and you will be released; otherwise, you will die of heat or hunger. Nobody cares. If you die you will be cremated. You will die in vain." Given the hot summer days, his pressured family borrowed 3,000 Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China] to get him out. Just after he arrived home, he was told that I was illegally fined 5,500 Yuan and that if he brought the money in I would be released. No money, no release. Thus, my boyfriend borrowed 5,500 Yuan and gave them the money to get me out. Altogether, 8,500 Yuan were extorted from my boyfriend and me.

On Chinese Lunar New Year's Day 2000, my boyfriend and I were again arrested for appealing in Beijing. Some policemen told us that although they know Dafa is good, higher-level authorities don't allow practising Falun Dafa. They first detained us in a Beijing police station and then sent us to our local government's liaison office in Beijing. When we first arrived in the office, the people there demanded that we take off our clothes, took us to the courtyard, and handcuffed us to pillars, one person per pillar. This was a place specially designed to shackle people, and we could not move. If we did, the cuffs would become tighter. My hands became numb due to the sub-zero temperatures. When night fell, a group of police came out of a room. Upon entering the courtyard, one vicious policeman immediately started to beat us. With his hard leather boots, he violently kicked the practitioners. When he came to me, he kicked me hard on my thigh and it lifted me off the ground with just one blow. My two hands were cuffed. The pain was intolerable. After he kicked me for a while, one policeman said, "This is New Years' Eve, stop beating them." Then, he stopped. I didn't notice when they took the cuffs off me. They then took us to a small room where a policewoman took another female practitioner and I was taken to a lady's toilet. They took all of our clothes off. She rifled through all our clothes, including socks and shoes. I knew what they were looking for (Books or Articles written by Teacher Li). Later, the police slapped the other practitioner on the cheeks. After we left the bathroom, a policeman holding a bamboo stick shouted: "Hold your hand out." I held my hand out, palm up, and he then whipped my palm with the bamboo stick. Every practitioner suffered from this type of torture. Later, I was detained in a room where many other practitioners were also being held. They were all sitting on the floor. We were not allowed to sleep, and whoever fell asleep would be whipped on the head with a bamboo stick.

After we were detained in the liaison office in Beijing for 2 days, the neighbourhood administration office took us back to the local government authorities. On the way back, my hand was duct-taped to another practitioner's before we were put in the car. The whole trip, we were not allowed to go to the toilet.

The car arrived at the neighbourhood administration office at around 8:00 PM. They dragged us to a room and made us to kneel down on the ground and interrogated us, one by one. When they interrogated me they said: "Who asked you to go to Beijing?" I told them that I had decided to go on my own. Hearing my answer, they started to slap me on my cheeks. Then, they tried to force me to drink a "medicine" that they had prepared beforehand, but I refused to drink it. Several people grabbed me and forced it into me. The party secretary said: "See, this is what you get for going to Beijing. Take her outside, freeze her!" They tied my two hands behind my back and tied my legs with duct tape from the ankles up. They dragged me outside to let me freeze, dragging me along like a log. They even took off my shoes.

Later, I learned that the "medicine" which they forced Dafa practitioners to drink was human urine. They have completely lost their human nature. They did not allow us to sleep or eat, and often beat us. Later, they told our families: "We know you have run out of money, we will do you a special favor. Bring 1000 Yuan per person, and we will let them go home." When our families learned of this they worried very much about where to borrow this kind of money. After a huge endeavour, they borrowed 2000 Yuan and handed it over to the wicked people at the neighborhood administration office. My boyfriend and I were then released. For another five days and nights, we could not sleep or eat. Two sets of heavy, illegal fines had robbed us of 10,500 Yuan. This had created a tremendous financial burden on our family.

One day, some people from the neighbourhood administration office came to our house and forcibly took my boyfriend and I away to interrogate us. In the evening, they tied us to a tree, along with another practitioner. They took turns beating us. In the beginning, they talked to us with a soft tone. Later, at about 12 o'clock, an officer shouted and asked other people to beat us. A man, about 20 years old, walked up to me, holding a 2-inch-diameter rubber hose in his hand. He asked me sternly: "Are you still practising Falun Gong?" I kept silent. He started to beat me on my head, cheeks, and body. He beat me so harshly that I could not stand on my legs anymore and so I crouched down alongside the tree trunk. He stopped and said: "Don't be pretentious." Actually, I had been beaten so badly that I could not open my eyes or talk. Seeing that this was so, they untied me, dragged me to room and laid me down on a long wooden bench. I felt someone checking my pulse. A moment later, someone was pinching my philtrum acupuncture point. A moment later, my eye opened slightly and I saw vaguely that the room was crowded with people. A person stood beside me, waved his hand, and all the people left. Then, two women came in and said to me: "Don't act like that. Quickly say you won't practise Falun Gong anymore. We will let you go home." I could not speak a word, and I had no idea how badly my mouth was beaten. Seeing how badly I was injured, they were scared. They sent me home sometime after 1 AM.

I later learned that another Dafa practitioner had been arrested during the night. After we left, the other two practitioners suffered from severe tortures. When we arrived at the door of our house, my boyfriend carried me on his back and laid me gently on my bed. The next day, I looked at myself in the mirror. My cheeks were scary-looking; my forehead was purple; my mouth could not close; my lips were swollen so badly that they looked like a big bump had grown out of them. My lips had purplish blisters on them filled with blood. The wounds were very terrifying. My arms were beaten so badly that the purplish impression of the rubber hose could still be seen. My legs were covered with bruises.

Even though I was so badly wounded, the wicked people from the neighbourhood administration office still wouldn't leave us alone. In less than a month, several people from the office came to our house at around 9 PM with electric batons in hand. They searched every room. My boyfriend said: "I am not a criminal. Why are you coming to see me with electric batons in hand?" Just a few days before the New Year of 2002, my boyfriend and I were not home; only my father-in-law was in. Several people from the neighbourhood administration office again came to our house. One person kept talking to my father-in-law and another officer signalled others to search our room. My father-in-law said: "What are you doing?" They did not listen. They even searched the rooms where other people sleep. Finally, they found my boyfriend's copy of the precious book "Zhuan Falun" [the main text of Falun Dafa], under his bed. Just like that, they ransacked our house without any legal procedures.

One day in October 2002, they came to our house to harass us again. Once they came to our house they said they wanted to conduct a two-hour brainwashing session and force us to watch a video defaming Falun Dafa. After I refused their demands, they took my boyfriend away. My boyfriend came home in the afternoon.

We must expose the true situation of this persecution; prosecute Jiang and his followers for their crimes, and immediately end this persecution.

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