New Types of Insidious Brainwashing Even More Evil Than Before

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Within the past year, the people in charge of the persecution have created another type of brainwashing format that is even more evil than the ones used before.

This new type of brainwashing doesn't directly persecute Falun Dafa practitioners physically, but instead tries to disorient and torture them mentally. It is therefore more deceptive and harder for people to realise what's going on. It tries to turn the families of Dafa practitioners against them so that they feel lonely, misunderstood, and upset.

These brainwashing sessions are usually held in the remote countryside and are financially supported by corrupt local officials and "610 Offices" [specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems]. The average cost to run them is approximately one million Yuan per year. When local "610" officers kidnap a practitioner, the authorities allocate 2000 Yuan each month to cover the cost of brainwashing them. On the surface, they don't directly extort the money from the families of Dafa practitioners, thus making the families feel grateful to them, as if they are doing them a favour by not charging any fines. However, the families aren't aware that all the money they are using is actually secretly taken from public funds anyway.

These brainwashing sessions are held for two months at a time, with the practitioners being sent to forced labour camps if they still refuse to give up cultivation after the "classes" are over. They are forced to go through brainwashing again if they can't be transformed in the labour camps, and then back to the labour camps if they still refuse to give in, thus forming a vicious cycle of persecution.

The brainwashing sessions isolate the practitioners in individual rooms and don't allow any contact to take place among them. Every single action is monitored and restrained. The "instructors" in charge of transforming the practitioners are carefully selected by the authorities. The means they usually adopt are: 1. forcing practitioners to listen to fabricated stories that attack Dafa and Teacher; 2. forcing practitioners to watch videos of former practitioners who have been "transformed" after severe torture and brainwashing; 3. interfering with practitioners' righteous thoughts by telling them about the theories of other cultivation ways; 4. trying to be friendly and chatting with practitioners casually to find their weak points and omissions, and then trying to distort and confuse the practitioners' understandings of Dafa's principles based on these omissions.

Though the "instructors" appear to be kind to the practitioners, they are very hypocritical and try to force practitioners to give up their cultivation and betray Dafa and the principles of "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance." They don't allow the practitioners to have their freedom of belief. Such deceptive conduct confuses the public and the families of the practitioners.

The evildoers have consumed vast amounts of the nation's manpower, money, and materials to persecute Dafa practitioners.

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