41 UK Members of Parliament Sign Motion in Support of Falun Gong

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The following is the Early Day Motion [EDM] 304 signed by 41 MPs in the UK:


“That this House calls upon the Chinese Government to issue a passport to Miss Minghui You, the 21 month old daughter of two Chinese nationals currently resident in Dundee; notes with concern that Miss Minghui You appears to have been denied a passport as a result of her parents being practitioners of Falun Gong; and further calls upon Her Majesty's Government to do all in its power to ensure that the Government of the People's Republic of China upholds the human rights of all Chinese citizens, and all minority groups within Chinese society including those who choose to become Falun Gong practitioners.”

Mr Iain Luke, Mrs Irene Adams, Mr Harry Barnes, John Barrett, Peter Bradley, Tom Brake, Mr Martin Caton, Jeremy Corbyn, Mrs Ann Cryer, Mr Jim Cunningham,
Valerie Davey, Mrs Janet Dean, Jim Dobbin, Sue Doughty, Mr Bill Etherington, Andrew George, Mr Win Griffiths, Mr Mike Hancock, Nick Harvey, Paul Holmes, Mr Eric Illsley, Glenda Jackson, Lynne Jones, Mr Nigel Jones, Mr Gerald Kaufman,
Mr Archy Kirkwood, Mr Mark Lazarowicz ,Mr Tony Lloyd, Mr Elfyn Llwyd, Ian Lucas, Mr John Lyons, Rob Marris, Ann McKechin, Mr Martin O'Neill, Mr Jim Sheridan, Mr Alan Simpson, The Reverend Martin Smyth, Mark Tami, Mr Simon Thomas, Dr Rudi Vis, Mr Michael Weir

41 signatures

* * *

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