Arrest, Robbery, Brutal Beatings, Sexual Assault and Torture with Red Hot Pokers -- Crimes Committed by Pingdu City Police

Around 9 o'clock on Dec. 8, 2000, Yin, the Party Committee Secretary, ganged up with Judicial Section Head Mou Chunyang and Pan, and two others and jumped over the wall and broke into the home of Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zheng Quanhua in Nanghuangtong village, Zhugou Town in Pingdu City, Shandong Province and took her to the police station. They stole her property, such as her television, electric fan and comforters [valuable items in China], and still have not returned them. Policeman Zhang Faren (deceased) took a broken chair leg and hit Ms. Zheng Quanhua on the head with it more than 10 times while saying, "Zheng Quanhua you listen: I have beaten Yu Haibo (Ms. Zheng's husband) pretty severely, and tonight I will knock you down. I won't stop until I do." Soon after, Ms. Zheng Quanhua fainted to the floor.

Wang Hengxin led a group of police to arrest five practitioners from Qigezhuang village, and took them to the police station. The next morning, they ransacked their homes, taking anything they liked, and destroyed anything they didn't. They were unable to find another two practitioners, Ms. Wang Youxiang and Ms. Sun Yuxiang, but ransacked their homes nevertheless. They destroyed all the cooking pots in Ms. Wang Youxiang's home, broke all the glass in the doors and windows, and smashed the water pump for the well at her home. They also smashed all the doors in Ms. Sun Yuxiang's home, and stole more than 80 bags of peanuts and a television. They took away the television set, a bicycle, a gas stove, a rice pot, comforters and bags of peanuts from Mr. Zhang Jinfa's home. They smashed the door of Ms. Lu Linhong's home as well, and took away the wheelbarrow and refrigerator from her home. At the same time, they took practitioners Mr. Shi Yuming and his wife to the police station. They brutally beat each practitioner they took into the police station that night for two hours. As a result every practitioner had a bloody nose and bruised eyes, and almost could not recognize each other.

After lunch on December 10, 15 to 16 people including Wang Yonglin, the deputy town head; Li Yaoguo, the police station head; Mou Chunyang from the Judicial Station; Wang Zhengong from the agricultural machinery station and others, led by Tian Jinsong, the director of Qingshui Security Department, abducted Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Zhang Qinglian. They took his television, a tricycle, eight bags of peanuts, a telephone and more. Mou Chunyang broke the glass in Zhang's home. Zhang questioned him, "Who gave you permission to ransack my home?" Li Yaoguo said, "Go ask those above. They told us to come here." After that, they ransacked practitioner Mr. Wang Youzhong's home. Wang's wife asked Li Yaoguo, "Do you have a search warrant?" Li Yaoguo threatened, "I'll break down your doors and windows this time."

At the police station, officer Yu Tao kicked Mr. Zhang down to the ground, banging his head against the wall. Yu pulled him up and punched his face many times. (When Zhang's family members later saw him, his whole face was dark blue, his mouth swollen very badly and his eyes couldn't open.) The police then took off Mr. Zhang's coat, dragged him outside and cuffed him to a utility pole for more than three hours in the cold.

After dark, the police took 13 practitioners to the Agricultural Machinery Station. That night, over a dozen policemen, including Mou Chunyang, Wang Zhengong, Lu Yongyan and Zhang Degang took turns beating up practitioners. They then watered the yard, tied five or six practitioners together with a rope, and forced them to sit on the soaking wet ground barefoot. Then they tied Ms. Lu Linhong and Ms. Chen Meizhi's hands at their backs and hung them on the two sides of the truck facing out, and then hung a tyre filled with stones from each of their necks. They fainted right away. They took off the coats of Zhang Qinglian, Zhang Jinfa, Zhang Lanying, Zheng Quanhua and Zhang Shufang, and forced them to stand barefoot in basins full of ice-cold water for over an hour. Everyone's feet turned blue. Around 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning, Wang Zhengong again poured cold water onto the practitioners, soaking their clothes.

Once policeman Zhang Junqiang hit practitioner Zhang Jinfa's face with a coal shovel, and then used a red-hot poker to burn a Chinese character "Eight" on his forehead. He burned seven or eight holes in the practitioner's back using the same red hot poker. The practitioners there were all heartbroken, with tears running down their faces.

Another time, Mou Chunyang and Pan took a few female Dafa practitioners to the outside room next to the street, tore off their pants and underwear, and used a red-hot poker to burn their vulvas. As it turned out, a passer-by saw it and shouted, "How can you torture her like that? Are you still human?" Under such righteous rebuke, Mou stopped his animal behaviour. Pan took off a female practitioner's blouse and undergarments and violently punched her breast.

Police Lin Fuping used an electric baton to shock Ms. Zheng Quanhua's face and body, giving her so much pain that she couldn't help constantly rolling over on the ground. One morning, Mou Chunyang forced Zheng Quanhua to take off her blouse and undergarments and used a strip to whip her breast. After that he tied her arms with a rope and forced her to squat down for two hours. In the afternoon, Pan committed another round of beating and kicking her, trying to force her to curse Teacher and Dafa with the threat of more beatings. Another time, policeman Zhang Junqiang attempted to force her to give up the practice of cultivation, and she wouldn't. They then took her outside and tied her to a tractor in the yard of the Agricultural Machinery Station to suffer the cold for over an hour. After they got her back into the room, they used a fire poker to beat her up.

Once Mou Chunyang asked Mr. Zhang Qinglian, "Will you still practise Falun Gong?" Mr. Zhang Qinglian ignored him. He dragged him to the yard, and seven or eight people surrounded him and beat and kicked him. Du Zhongyao, the party secretary, called him into the room and said, "Can't you just say that you are not going to practise Falun Gong? Why is it necessary to suffer so much beating and hardship?" Seeing Mr. Zhang Qinglian didn't speak, Mou Chunyang, Pan, Wang Zhengong and the accountant of the Farmer Machinery station once again dragged him to the yard and cruelly beat him up. Li Zhenquan, the deputy party secretary, violently kicked him in the lower abdominal area, causing him so much pain that he fainted to the ground. More than 10 days of torture made Mr. Zhang Qinglian, who used to be very strong, unable to lift his head up or straighten his waist. And he needed at least two people to support him to go to the Toilet. After torturing the practitioners to this extent, they forced them to shovel the snow.

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