Authorities Persecute Falun Dafa Practitioners in Gantun Village

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Since July 20, 1999, the Gantun Village government and police have been persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. On July 20, 1999, they illegally detained some steadfast practitioners for two or three days and released them only after their families paid 1,100 Yuan in full (the average monthly salary for a Chinese worker is 500 Yuan). Then the practitioners had to report to the station three times every day after that. Among them, practitioners Chen Wenchang, Chen Wentao, and Xiao Qihong were brutally beaten. Thirty-six practitioners, from a nearly 18 year-old girl to a 60-plus year old woman, were tortured.

Since then, whenever a sensitive day [I.e., National Day, New Year's Day holiday] was approaching, they would illegally detain practitioners in the Village's conference room. The practitioners were asked to pay a "guard fee" and, sometimes, fines amounting to several hundreds or even thousands of Yuan. Some practitioners were held for more than 30 days.

On July 20, 2000, they unlawfully arrested more than ten practitioners. Practitioners Chen Wenchang, Chen Wentao, Xing Tongping, and Xu Yiping were brutally beaten. Gao Zhidian, the security director of Dongxingzhuang Village, repeatedly pinched Xu Yiping's legs with pliers causing severe injury despite the fact that Xu is actually an elderly relative of his.

In October 2000, they detained several practitioners. Chen Wenchang, Xiulian, and Wang Hongchao escaped. They illegally confiscated these practitioners' houses and fined their families 600 Yuan, 600 Yuan, and 2000 Yuan respectively. More than 20 other practitioners' home were also searched, including Xing Tongping, Yang Zhaoling, Liu Ziyuan, Xing Shufeng, Xu Guangfeng, Xu Hengkui, Chen Xiumei, and Ma Fengmei. They illegally held these practitioners in a detention centre for many days and fined them each several thousand Yuan.

At the 2001 Spring Festival, they wilfully detained more than 10 practitioners for 15 days. Subsequently, they illegally sent Chen Wentao, Xiao Qihong, Wang Hongchao, Xing Penliang and his wife to a brainwashing class in the county. Later they illegally detained Xiao Qihong and Wang Hongchao in a detention centre for more than two months. They also detained Chen Wentao in June 2001.

On July 20, 2001, they again illegally seized more than 10 practitioners and brutally beat some of them.

The practitioners' families that suffered the most from the persecution were those of Xing Tongfu and Xing Tongping. Tongfu was fined tens of thousands of Yuan successively without any receipts and has been homeless since September 2000 in order to avoid the persecution. His older son, practitioner Xing Shuzhi was sent to a labour camp. His mother, practitioner Yang Zhaoling, is currently illegally detained by the "610" Office. Tongping's family has four members, Falun Gong practitioners, who are currently in the labour camps. His father Xing was just released from a labour camp. His sister was also detained for several days.

There have been too many cases of persecution to Falun Dafa practitioners by the Gantun Village government and the police for us to record here. Many practitioners were sent to labour camps and prisons or were forced from their homes.

Those responsible in Gantun Villages include:

The former Party Secretary: Zhao Peilin

The current Party Secretary: Zhu Jiwu

Politics and Law Committee: Wang Xinmin
The director of the "610" Office: Wang Ximin

The people who have beaten practitioners: Gao Qishan, Guo Liang, Guan Wu Li Weihan, Zhang Feng, Hao Ruichao, Zhao Xingguo and others

Local police station: Director: Fang Shushan, the Assistant-Director: Liu Sizhao

The village government office: 86-635-5630048.

The office of the Party Secretary: 86-635-5630088

Local police station: 86-635-5630008


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