Labour Camp Uses "Transformed People" to Inhumanely Treat Practitioners

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Jinan City, Shandong Province

At present, about 800 male practitioners are being held at the No.2 Forced Labour Camp of Shandong Province, which is located at Wang Village. The policemen used transformed people [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] to torture and beat practitioners with various inhumane means. Among the transformed people, Zhao Wei (from Weihai City) and Wang Yong (from the Laiyang Steel Factory) repeatedly beat and tortured practitioners Chu Liwen and Jiang Benzhai. They even went so far as to force Jiang Benzhai to eat faeces.

About 140 male practitioners are being held at Unit No.2 at the Liuchangshan Forced Labour Camp in Jinan City. The lawless guards used transformed people Song Xiaodong, Sun Fuzhou, Zhao Jiashui, Shi Junhong (Shi Lei), Wang Xuefan, Jiang Weidong, Zhang Ling, Jiang Guoqin, Jing Xubin, Niu Tao, Feng Bing and some others to torture and beat the practitioners. The means they used were extremely disgusting.

Chen Handong, Liu Hongwei (female), and Xu Jing (female), former practitioners stopped practicing (due to brainwashing and torture), betrayed practitioner Xu Xun. At present, Xu Xun is held at Team No. 5 at the Liuchangshan Labour Camp. The wicked guards segregated and interrogated him (or her). It is not known whether the practitioner is alive or not.

List of names of vile persons: Wang Xinyu, team leader of Unit No.2 of the Liuchangshan Forced Labour Camp; Cui Wei, the team leader of Team No. 5 of Unit No.2.


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