Music: Following the Righteous Way Back Home

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Composed by Aleksey
Played by Elena (Piano) and Aleksey (Flute)

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Following the Righteous Way Back Home

Aleksey is a 20-year-old man living in Ukraine. He has been practising Falun Dafa, a way of cultivation for mind and body by following the three principles of, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance", since 2003. His 23-year-old sister Elena, who now plays the role of his music partner, is also a practitioner of Falun Dafa but started to practise one year earlier than Aleksey.

Composing the Music

After experiencing the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa, Aleksey decided to express his feelings via music. He started to compose this piece of music in June of 2005 when he was in the military service, however, it took him two months more before he could finalise it.

During those months of composing Aleksey said that he could occasionally see some beautiful scenes, which seemed to be very familiar to him although he had never seen them in this life before. During such experiences Aleksey said that there was an old man living in the mountains who explained to him that he originally came from a very harmonious and wonderful world. After such experiences he could remember a lot of things that had happened in the past.

Using music as a medium

Aleksey said that he transfered his feelings he experienced during his cultivation into this piece of music: to be calm and peaceful, to be simple and pure so as to be less restrained by all human attachments, to experience bliss beyond human happiness and to be enlightened. He said he felt calm and peaceful when he played this piece of music.

He wants to share with others his wonderful experiences whilst returning back to his original true-self. He would like to awaken the goodness in people’s hearts and to let them know that they can also return to their true homes by following Falun Dafa, the righteous cultivation way.

A compassionate reminder

Aleksey has made a lot of new friends in the Army since he started his military service one and a half years ago. He explained to them what Falun Dafa is, how this cultivation has benefited millions of people and what a horrendous persecution is still going on in China.

One day this autumn, a friend came into his room while he was listening to some Falun Dafa music. Whilst listening they both fell asleep, waking up two hours later. His friend said that when he was in his dream he was so reluctant to wake up that he was even telling himself “No, I don’t want to wake up!” He went on to say, “I was in a beautiful place where all the people were very kind. It seemed to me that it was my home”. He could not hide his excitement saying he had never experienced such a dream before.

After they continued talking about his experience of Falun Dafa for about 40 minutes. “This music is really very nice, I like it and I want to do something good for the people now,” said his friend before his left.

Born and raised in Ukrainian, he likes the traditional Chinese culture and had always felt close to oriental culture. He said he would like to share his music, not only with his Ukraine friends but he also wishes to send a message to the people of China via his music: never forget your great values of your traditional culture.

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