A Policeman in Heilongjiang Province Is Rewarded for Treating Falun Gong Practitioners Kindly; a Hebei Police Officer Helps Spread the Truth

A Policeman in Heilongjiang Is Rewarded for Treating Falun Gong Practitioners Kindly

Policeman Li Chun (alias) from a detention centre in Heilongjiang Province is a person with a kind heart. Through contacts with practitioners he learnt the truth about Falun Gong. He understood that Falun Gong practitioners are the people who follow "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" to be good people.

Li Chun often looks after the practitioners who are illegally detained. He helped the detained practitioners convey messages to their families and friends and helped the practitioners outside to pass Falun Gong related literature into the detention centre. When Li Chun is on duty he tells the practitioners, "Today I am on duty. You can practise Falun Gong."

Because Li Chun has treated the practitioners kindly, he was rewarded. He had chronic headaches and gastric disease before, but now all his illnesses disappeared on their own.

Policemen in Hebei Province Spread the Truth and Stop Their Persecution

After an officer from a city police department in Hebei Province learnt the truth of the persecution from Falun Gong practitioners, he often came to practitioners and asked for some materials to give to his fellow officers so they too could learn the facts. One day he located a practitioner and asked for some materials. He said that he wanted to take the information to his colleagues so that they, too, could learn the truth. After he arrived at work, he gave the printed information to his colleagues and said, "You should read this. If you want to be well, then read it carefully. If you want to suffer retribution, you can keep doing evil!"

After some practitioners were kidnapped by the police in a city in Hebei Province, another practitioner went to the head of the police department to tell him the truth and to tell him the heavenly principle that good will be rewarded and bad will receive retribution. The practitioner advised him not to fine the practitioners, not to force them to write "guarantee statements," and to release them as soon as possible. The family members of the police department head, after they understood the truth, also helped the practitioner to persuade him. Later, this police department head not only did what the practitioner asked him to do, he also withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party.

A practitioner in Hebei Province was arrested and taken to a detention centre. The practitioner then took the opportunity to tell the truth to the inmates and the guards. All the inmates who once had joined the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Youth League or the Young Pioneers withdrew from these organisations, and several guards also withdrew from these organisations.

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