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The International Community Continues to Pay Attention to Serial Rape Case in Hebei

Though the serial rape case in which Hebei policeman He Xuejian raped two practitioners was more than one month ago, and the Chinese Communist Party's typical trick is to let people forget, there is increasing condemnation from the international community regarding this case. Below are some comments received by the Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group.

Michael Kozien, United States:

The torture of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese government is an outrage and must not be tolerated. The Chinese authorities disregard for Human Rights are a crime against not only the Chinese people, but also a slap to the face of the international human rights community. This sort of action by a government against it's own people must not be tolerated. End the torture now!

Grandmothers for Peace, United States:

Crimes against humanity are revealed in this horrific act by those in power over the most vulnerable victims in society. This should not be tolerated, condoned or allowed. Those responsible for such terrible acts should be totally held accountable for their sinister brutal actions against others!

Robyn Bersten, Australia:

I am appalled that in this day and age the Chinese government continues to torture and persecute their own people on the basis of their beliefs. I urge all governments to do everything in their powers to stop this appalling policy of persecution.

Nola Crewe, Toronto, Canada:

Such barbarity is utterly unacceptable in a nation which claims it wishes to advance and join civilised people. ...for without repentance God surely will not forgive.

Lorne Saltman, Canada:

Respect and tolerance are hallmarks of a civilised country. While China may be an emerging powerhouse in economic terms, its treatment of Falun Gong practitioners shows how far it has to go to join the ranks of civilised countries.

Marjorie Beebee, UK:

While China disregards human rights I shall continue to avoid buying any products made in China, difficult as that may be. If we all did this, they would have to take notice.

Christina K., U.S.:

I can't believe how something so awful could be inflicted by the police, an organisation that is put in place to help and protect people. I am so saddened by this.


The outrageous behavior of Communist policemen must be denounced to the UN raporteur of human rights.

Janet Walder, Australia:

I am appalled at this senseless persecution of peaceful innocent people.

Penelope Abraham, London, UK:

A very shocking report of violence against Falun Gong. Please register my concern.

Nini Cabaero, Philippines:

End the killings and torture now!

Larissa, Australia:

Shame on China and shame on the world for turning a blind eye to this!

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