Significance of Thinking of the Fa and Master at Crucial Moments

Usually, we are able to treat ourselves as Falun Dafa practitioners and act according to Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance in our cultivation practise. We are able to look within ourselves and maintain the righteous thought "What do I have to fear when there is Master1 and the principles taught in Falun Gong?" However, at crucial moments, facing unexpected tests or tribulations, whether we are able to realise immediately that we are Master's practitioners and to be able to ask Master for help is very important.

The moments we encounter unexpected tests are the moments that differentiate gods from humans. The difference of one thought may lead to a different outcome. At that moment, is the side of us that has assimilated to the Fa2 or the human side playing the role? It is manifested in whether we have thoughts of Master or the Fa.

Through so many years of tribulations, all of us should have become more mature. There should not be the attachment as to who cultivates better than whom, whose level is higher in cultivation, etc. Those are not righteous thoughts. We should cultivate ourselves internally instead of looking outward. Otherwise, we will be unable to tell which path Master has arranged for each of us. Under the condition of following the correct path that Master has arranged for us, we should learn from each other by exchanging ideas and rectifying ourselves. Thus, we will be able to walk more solidly on our cultivation path. Personally, this should be the right train of thought in our cultivation practise.

Every one of us has a different path. Some are even the opposite of others. If practitioners worship fellow practitioners, those who worship and those who are worshipped are at risk. Each of their paths has deviated. While doing well the three things, fellow practitioners should encourage and support each other, learn lessons from each other, but should never compare each other. Attachment to cultivation levels should not exist among fellow practitioners. In my understanding, everything is created by and in the Fa. I will walk the path that Master has arranged for me until I have reached the ultimate consummation. I will absolutely live up to Master's requirement of me because it is the requirement of the Fa and the need of all sentient beings. I want to fulfil this great mission for all sentient beings and for the universe. But, I will follow the arrangements of the Fa because the Fa created me and I am a particle of the Fa. Everything in the universe is the Fa. What's the difference in being here or there? In the eternity of life, if the Fa needs me to fulfil the formation of a universe, I should live up to Master's requirements no matter how difficult it is. If the Fa needs me to become a grain of sand, I will become a grain of sand to fulfil the need for the existence of all sentient beings. Whatever I become, I will exist for the needs of the Fa and all sentient beings.

The above is what I thought of when facing unexpected tests or tribulations. In such a complicated environment, I did not do very well, but I have thought a lot. So I grasped one of the thoughts and wrote it down. I sincerely feel that many sentient beings are dependent on me. If I do not do well, the losses will be huge. It is the same for every fellow practitioner.

Since these words were written in a rush, please kindly point it out if there are any mistakes.


1. Master/Teacher: Respectfully referring to the founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi.
2. Fa: Law or principles; the teachings in Falun Gong.

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