Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group: European Citizens Condemn the CCP Persecution of Falun Gong

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Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group (FGHRWG) recently published the experiences of several practitioners who were unlawfully detained in labour camps of the Chinese Communist Party. In the electronic report, practitioner Wang Bin and Chen Ying's stories were highlighted. The report received wide feedback from all over Europe. Reprinted below are some of the comments made by the readers to the FGHRWG Web site.

G., from the UK

Comments: I am shocked and horrified. How can they call themselves human beings. I am ashamed to think this is going on while we are living in luxury and moaning about our lives on a day-to-day basis. I hope good will conquer evil in the end. Everyone must do anything they can to help no matter how small.

Z.K., From Kosova

Comments: All our comments hopefully will help these prisoners to get back to their loved ones. BUT, WE MUST make sure governments of all our countries and all the world should give their efforts in making this happen.

Arts Council Northern Ireland, from Northern Ireland

Comments: Thank you for making me aware of what is happening. I want to add my name to the list of those shocked and concerned about the inhumane treatment of human beings in our world.

A.P., from England

Comments: Can anyone truly find anything that might justify this persecution? Can anyone, even a non-practitioner, find anything that might suggest that Falun Dafa brings anything other than good to humanity? Even if one does not believe in it, one cannot deny its goodness. Do you ever wonder if there might be anything you can do today to make our world a better place? Look no further, help to spread awareness about this persecution, there is no need to convince anyone, the facts speak for themselves. Lets talk about it.

N. C-A., from Dorset, UK

Comments: The day we learn all people are equal is the day the human race has some hope ahead of it. Stop the persecution now, lest it be your mother, sister, son, daughter being abused next time.

D. K. from Latvia

Comments: There are no words to express how much I disagree with the Chinese government policy and practice of human rights violations!!! For torturing there CANNOT be any reason or excuse, THIS MUST BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!!!

A. from UK, Signed

Comments: Though we may not share the same beliefs of Falun Gong, under no circumstances should any human being be tortured or treated without dignity and respect. These atrocities must be stopped.

D. P. from Croatia, Zagreb

Comments: Horrible abuses of human rights. Chinese Communist regime must be punished and isolated from the democracy countries headed by USA!

S. from UK

Comments: It's hard to believe this can go on. Would like to see an immediate stop to this cruelty and torture of vulnerable people.

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