Ms. Liu Liping from Daqing City Is Tortured at Hegang First Detention Centre

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Ms. Liu Liping is a Falun Dafa practitioner in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. On September 7th, 2005, she was arrested by the Xiangyang Police Station in Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province. They unlawfully detained and tortured her for more than eight months at the Hegang First Detention Centre.

Xiangyang Police station had two teams persecuting Ms. Liu day and night. The first team included police officers Wang He, Liu. and team leader Chang. The second team included officers Sun Changxi, Xu, and Captain Gao.

The policemen whipped Ms. Liu's feet with bamboo sticks. Her feet were severely swollen. The policemen interrogated her constantly for five days and nights, not letting her sleep. She lost consciousness many times, beaten from head to toe violently.

Chief Yang and police officer Zhang Shengjun of the Xiangyang Police Station, spent 2,500 yuan1 of Ms. Liu's money for their own entertainment. She asked them to return the money many times, but they refused, giving absurd reasons. They took away her personal belongings, a handset pack, an MP3 player, and books.

At Hegang First Detention Centre, simply because Ms. Liu refused to be monitored, the police put handcuffs on her and cuffed her feet like a death penalty prisoner. In the cold of winter they forced her to sit on the cement floor for five days and nights. Ms. Liu told others about her suffering. All the listeners were terrified and broke into tears.

In the meantime, Xiangyang District Court of Hegang City is prepared to sentence Ms. Liu. The Xiangyang police arrested her defence lawyer while he was walking by the hotel in Hegang City on May 29th. Her defence lawyer said, "I am doing my duty according to the laws and I have a lawyer's licence." The policemen responded, "What are the laws? We don't care about those at all." The police arrested the lawyer without giving a reason, showing any identification, or providing a warrant.

It took over an hour of long, tough negotiation to get the lawyer released.

Related contacts: (country code: 86, area code: 468)

Persons involved in persecuting Ms. Liu Liping at the Xiangyang Police Station:

Mr. Yang Zengxian, Deputy Chief of Xiangyang Police Station in Hegang City: 86-13359970909 (Mobile)

Mr. Jen Xiubin, Chief of Hegang City Police Station: 86-468-344591, 86-468-352-2015

Hegang First Detention Centre:

Mr. Li Yingcheng, Chief: 86-468-340-0777 (Office), 86-468-345-7288 (Home), 86-13803681777 (Mobile)

Hegang City Police Station:

General Number: 86-468-334-0600 & 86-468-334-0277

Address: Hongqi Road, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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