Exposing Crimes Committed By Staff at the Xinjin Brainwashing Centre in Sichuan Province

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The Xinjin Brainwashing Centre in Sichuan Province was built by the 610 offices1 of Sichuan Province and Chengdu City. The centre was named "Chengdu City Rule-by-Law Education Centre." It is located in Huaqiao Town, Xinjin County and was formally called the "Xinjin Rehabilitation Clinic." Practitioners who refuse to renounce Falun Gong are brought to this centre from other brainwashing centres in Chengdu City. Sometimes, practitioners from areas outside of Chengdu are taken to this centre. It is known that practitioners from the Leshan area were brought to this centre by the provincial 610 Office.

Practitioner Mr. Xie Haifeng from Jiangxi Province was arrested and taken to the Chengdu City Detention Centre by the national security bureau of Gaoxin area on June 19th, 2005. He was transferred to the Xinjin Brainwashing Centre after one month. His wife was close to giving birth to their child and was left without any help. Mr. Xie's family members do not know his whereabouts.

Mr. Xie Deqing, a Dafa practitioner from Chengdu City, was arrested and taken to the Xinjin Brainwashing Centre. Xie's daughter-in-law was followed, monitored, and harassed by special agents from the national security bureau and died soon after Xie was abducted. Staff at the brainwashing centre not only refused Xie's request to attend his daughter-in-law's funeral, but persecuted him even more viciously.

Three practitioners, including Lin Xiaoquan from Xindu District, Chengdu City, were taken to the Xinjin Brainwashing Centre in 2005. They suffered cruel persecution at that place. National security agents cuffed each of them to a stool, interrogated them for many days, and deprived them of sleep. There were injuries all over their bodies. Lin suffered the most. Lin had difficulties in walking and had to hold on to the wall while walking slowly. All three were transferred to an unknown location. There were around 8 national security agents in charge of torturing the three practitioners. One of the torturers was a big man of about 6 feet tall.

There are six floors at Xinjin Brainwashing Centre for holding practitioners. There is a large conference room on the first floor. The second floor is for isolating the most steadfast and strong-minded practitioners. Male practitioners are on the third floor. Offices are on the fourth floor and female practitioners are held on the fifth floor. There is an iron gate on the first floor that is always locked. Practitioners are held against their will. There are monitors in the hallways, stairways, bathrooms and lavatories. Monitors in the bathrooms and lavatories are invisible and their switches are controlled by sound. Monitors in the bedrooms are hidden inside televisions. Practitioners' every move is monitored. Some shameless male guards install the monitors where they can see female practitioners' private parts. These guards' ridicule female practitioners and laugh at them behind their backs.

Persecution Methods at the Xinjin Brainwashing Centre

1. Drugs

The "instructors" take food to practitioners' bedrooms. Practitioners are not allowed to get their own food. The purpose of this rule is so they can drug the food. The different kinds of drugs come either in liquid or powder form. They use different kinds of drugs for different practitioners. Generally they put drugs in water and regular meals, but sometimes they inject brainwashing drugs into particular foods or even fruits. Some "instructors" don't know that there are drugs in the food, but some know and aggressively participate in the persecution. The brainwashing centre entices the "instructors" to participate in the persecution with special food and drink.

The drugs will take effect in about half an hour. The main symptoms are headaches, dizziness, protruding eyes, sleepiness (some practitioners feel sleepy after over 10 hours of sleep per day and are still lethargic) shortness of breath, chest pain and irritability.

On arrival, staff members from the 610 Office talk to each practitioner. If a practitioner claims that his/her high blood pressure was cured by the practise, the 610 Office people will put drugs into the practitioner's food that raises his/her blood pressure. After the practitioner eats the food, the staff would measure his/her blood pressure. They then use this information to shake practitioner's righteous thoughts for the purpose of "transforming2" him/her.

This is the main reason why practitioners, after being held at a brainwashing centre for a period of time, appear to be suffering and seriously ill.

2. Deceiving Practitioners

Sometimes the guards pretend that they are provincial officials investigating the Falun Gong issue. They deceive practitioners into providing information. For example, if guards wanted to find out which practitioners in your local area was doing what, the guards would pretend to be an official from the procuratorate, national security department or public security department. They might use lies to threaten that one has done something seriously against the law, and if one refuses to "transform," one would be sentenced to over 10 years in prison. The guards would even station police cars at the practitioners' front door to scare them. For the younger practitioners, the guards would find young people of the opposite sex to "meticulously and passionately care for the practitioners" and lure the practitioners into "transforming."

3. Humiliate Teacher and Destroy His Pictures

Guards Wang Hongqiang, Huang (first name unknown), and Xu (first name unknown), photocopied dozens of the founder of Falun Dafa, Teacher Li Hongzhi's pictures and wrote insulting words on the copies. They then put these pictures under practitioners' bed sheets. Then the guards would deface Teacher's picture. When practitioners tried to stop them, they would tear up the pictures. Sometimes the guards would throw the torn pictures into the lavatory and ask practitioners to pick out every small piece. Then they made fun of the practitioners.

4. Videos Defaming Falun Dafa

Guards in the brainwashing centre play videos that insult Dafa on TV every day. They also force practitioners to read fliers that defame Dafa. If practitioners refuse to read, guards read the defamatory information to the practitioners.

5. Physical Torture

If the above methods couldn't make practitioners denounce Falun Gong, practitioners had to stand for prolonged periods of time. Other torture methods included sleep deprivation and beatings. If a practitioner remains firm throughout the previous tortures, six to seven ruffians brutally beat the practitioner and push him/her to the ground. Then they force the practitioner to put his/her finger-print onto a pre-written statement renouncing Falun Gong. These brutal people then tell the practitioner, "You won't "transform," so we help you gain a new understanding. Now you are "transformed!" We will publish your statement, with your name, address, and picture on Clearwisdom.net. You can no longer practise."

6. The Brainwashing Centre makes Illegal Profits Persecuting Practitioners

At any given time, there are on average about 20 practitioners imprisoned in the Xinjin Brainwashing Centre. But there are times when up to 40 practitioners are held at Xinjin. When practitioners are released, the centre would ask higher level 610 Offices to pressure the local 610 Offices to bring these practitioners back to the centre, so they would always meet their "quotas." Maintaining their quota translates into awards for them. "Transformed" practitioners were not released right away. They were observed for some time to "assure that they were really transformed." But, the actual reason was that they wanted to wait for the practitioners' workplace to pay for the living expenses for one more month. As soon as the fee was paid, the practitioners would be released immediately. When the practitioners' workplace sent someone to pick up the practitioner, the guards wanted him/her to buy them meals, drinks and provide entertainment. The so-called "instructors" are randomly selected from the persecuted practitioners' hometowns or workplaces. Some of them are jobless people. There are two instructors for each practitioner. The practitioners are monitored around the clock. The instructors earn between 600 and 800 yuan3 per month. Some of them get paid more. Every practitioner's family or workplace has to pay 2,500 yuan per month to the centre, which includes the instructor's salary. Every time the centre transforms a practitioner, it will receive a large reward. By the end of 2005, the brainwashing centre had transformed 129 practitioners and received over 2 million yuan from practitioners' workplaces.

Therefore, I suggest the organisations (practitioners' workplaces) that help with persecuting practitioners stop offering money to the brainwashing centre. That is a crime against Dafa, and it is wasting your money and your employees' money. You may also hurt your family by doing so. We also advise the instructors not to participate in the persecution for the small amount of money you are paid. Some educators are professionals - they go from one brainwashing centre to another and participate in the persecution. The 610 Office is giving you a small amount of money to commit crimes against practitioners.

Brainwashing centre staff that participated in the persecution:

Director, Li Feng

Deputy Director, Yin Decai, Liu Hui

Staff, Wang Hongqiang, who is from Dayi County, Sichuan Province (Wang's family is poor. Wang graduated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law.)

Huang (first name unknown), used to be a teacher

Xu (first name unknown), from Pengzhou City, used to work a local government job (Xu came to the brainwashing centre with Wang and Huang in 2005.)

The above is only a part of the crimes committed at the Xinjin Brainwashing Centre.


1. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

2. "Reform or Transform" Implementation of brainwashing and torture in order to force a practitioner to renounce Falun Gong. (Variations: "reform", "transform", "reformed", "reforming", "transformed", "transforming", and "transformation")

3. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2006/6/5/129653.html

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