Senior Medical Doctor Witnesses the Miracles of Falun Dafa

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The founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi has spread Falun Dafa to 78 countries and regions throughout the world. In China alone, over 100 million people have benefited mentally and physically from practising Falun Gong. By practising it, tens of thousands of incurable patients in hospitals became healthy individuals. By practising it, millions of ill patients have become healthy and morally corrupt individuals now have a conscience.

I am also one of the beneficiaries. I personally witnessed the magnificence of Falun Dafa. Now, I would like to briefly share some of my personal experience.

I worked as a senior supervisor in the gynaecology and pediatrics departments of a city hospital for nearly 20 years. I also co-managed the medical care department for the retired executives. After my normal working hours, many patients from poor families came to visit me for acupuncture treatments. I usually did this for free and gave those poor patients medicine. I developed a reputation for kindness in my neighbourhood. Though my attention to my medical practice won me many awards in regional evaluations, my health soon collapsed. In those years, I suffered from various diseases such as bronchitis, a gastric ulcer, neuralgia, constant insomnia, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and stroke. I travelled to Beijing for professional advice and visited all the well-known hospitals in the nation, but still failed to find any cure. I spent lots of money doing this. Getting my heart condition evaluated cost me more than 30,000 yuan (Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China) for a private room and medical care. However, my health continued to deteriorate and created unbearable burdens for my family.

When I had no other alternative, one of my supervisors at work, a person that had once suffered and had recovered from diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and a bone spur, gave me the book Zhuan Falun as a gift. I began practising Falun Gong while still in the hospital.

In less than two months, all my diseases unbelievably vanished. More miraculously, countless patients around me with difficult diseases recovered by practising Falun Gong, too. One of the patients was a retired executive from my hospital who suffered from heart disease and another was a nursing department chief who suffered from uraemia. Other diseases that disappeared included femeral head necrosis, paralysis, leukaemia, a three-inch uterine tumour, breast cancer, kyphosis, Hepatitis B, rheumatic and rheumatoid diseases, lupus, refractory dermatitis, tinea, and asthma. Tens of thousands of dying patients were pulled back from death and given new lives. How merciful our Teacher! How magnificent Falun Dafa is!

Moved by the mercy of Falun Dafa, practitioners keep exposing the persecution to those who have been deceived by evil lies. They have been telling people "Falun Dafa is good" for over seven years in 78 countries and regions throughout the world.

* * *

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