Communincation and Co-operation are Key

Recently, many Falun Gong practitioners in Changchun City of China were illegally arrested by the police. While we are trying to rescue our fellow practitioners, we should look within ourselves. Why have our coordinators been arrested so frequently over the past several years? Every practitioner is responsible for that. We should summarise our experiences and learn a lesson from such incidents. We cannot be numb to these arrests and just do things according to the way we want. We need to keep a clear and rational mind, learn a lesson from our past mistakes, and completely rectify our mistakes. Only by doing so can we walk well and steadily on our remaining paths.

From to what I know, many coordinators in my city have a lot of conflicts with each other. Many did not trust each other and were even isolated from one another. The communication methods they used were very bad and are the methods of everyday people. When the conflicts grew, the coordinators did not communicate kindly with each other in order to resolve the problems, but rather rejected the advice from fellow practitioners and spread negative comments about the other coordinator among practitioners. Unknowingly, the unrighteous field was strengthened. In fact, all of these are barriers that the old forces have created by abusing practitioners' attachments. They are also internal conflicts.

The goal of the evil is to keep practitioners from forming a powerful, unified body because that is a great risk to them. Therefore, the evil creates barriers and internal conflicts among practitioners. The attachments of practitioners were enlarged by the barriers and conflicts created by the evil. Although practitioners have relinquished their attachments to fame among everyday people, they are still very attached to fame in cultivation. Some are so attached that they cannot relinquish the attachment. They fight for so-called fame in cultivation and have forgotten their true destiny. Remember what Master said in "True Cultivation:" "Can you bring to heaven the things deep down inside that you cannot let go of?"(from Essentials for Further Advancement)

I have noticed another common phenomenon. We often do not do things from the basis of the Falun Gong teachings - Fa. We do not consider the whole body. So, we do not help a certain practitioner, and instead we become more distant from him or her or even isolate and desert that practitioner. We no longer communicate with him or her. Even when the person encounters some hardships, we do not think it concerns us and therefore do not offer any support.

Think about it, everyone. Is what we are doing correct? We are one body. If we are to behave like this, who will be happy? Only the evil will be happy. In fact, these are precisely the barriers and internal conflicts created by the old forces that take advantage of our human attachments and notions. If we cannot realised this, it is really dangerous. The evil is watching us closely. As the barriers and internal conflicts enlarge, our gaps are also enlarged. The evil will take advantage of the gaps. Therefore, we have already put ourselves in a very dangerous situation. My fellow practitioners, let us discard the human attachments and notions we have formed, appreciate the predestined relationships among us, and help each other to improve together.

When we see a practitioner's shortcomings, please do not discuss them behind his or her back, do not spread negatives comments behind his or her back, and do not unknowingly strengthen the energy field for the evil. We must not isolate that person, distance ourselves from him or her or, worse, desert that practitioner. We can directly point out the person's shortcomings and supplement and harmonise his or her Dafa work. This should be the demeanour of a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple. Only by doing this can we be worthy of the glorious title of "Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple."

There is another reason, I believe, that causes the formation of barriers and internal conflicts among practitioners. That is, we have slacked off in our study of the Fa, doing the exercises, and sending forth righteous thoughts. Sometimes our minds are not calm even when we do study the Fa or send forth righteous thoughts. Some of the practitioners I know do not even send forth righteous thoughts on the hour. While other practitioners are sending forth righteous, they are talking in the room next door, which affects other practitioners' sending forth righteous thoughts. Some of these practitioners are veteran practitioners that have been cultivating for more than ten years. It may be forgivable if they are new practitioners, but it is not right for practitioners that have been cultivating for so long.

Fellow practitioners, we should recognise the evil's purpose, deny the evil's interference, completely eliminate the barriers among practitioners, and prevent the formation of internal conflicts. Let us give up all human attachments, let go of all human notions, become more clear-headed, not be used by the evil, and form an indestructible and powerful one body. It will make the evil tremble. We should try to eliminate the evil as soon as possible.

Finally, please allow me to share Master's poem, "Discarding Attachments" from Hong Yin II (Translation Version A).

Discarding Attachments

You may talk cultivation
But you have to discard the attachments
that you hold deep inside
What's given up is not oneself
But instead the folly of delusion

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