Blessed by the Immense Grace of Falun Dafa

Recalling the Days When Teacher Taught Falun Gong in Changchun

I used to suffer from gastric disease and although I tried many different methods, the illness couldn't be cured. As a result, my face was an unhealthy yellow, and my body was weak with little muscle. In order to cure my illness, I learnt five different types of qigong (exercises for cultivating the energy in the body), but none of them was effective. In October of 1993, I was introduced to Falun Gong and began practising. In 1994, between the end of April and the beginning of May, I had the good fortune to attend Teacher's seventh series of lectures, which was held in Changchun. I sat in the centre among the front rows. At this short distance from Teacher, I could see clearly his compassionate face.

Teacher had to work hard during that time because there were many people signed up for the lectures. Although the lectures were given in quite a large place, it still wasn't big enough to hold everyone. As a result, Teacher had to split the class into two sections: a class during the daytime and another at night. Teacher was giving the same lecture twice every day. In addition, he was also cleaning up bodies for thousands of attendees. Although bearing such a heavy load, Teacher was always energetic and compassionate, without any sign of tiredness.

While in the lecture field, I felt very comfortable, and my stomach pain disappeared. When I rode a bike for a long time, I did not feel tired. I truly felt blessed by Teacher's compassionate energy field.

The lectures lasted for ten days. Teacher taught the Law in the first nine days—one lecture per day. After each lecture, a practitioner would demonstrate while Teacher explained the exercise to us. On the tenth day, Teacher asked practitioners to submit questions on slips of paper, and he answered all of them. With my attachment of collecting knowledge, I asked Teacher a question about Buddhism. Teacher did not answer my question directly, but he pointed out that the practice of Falun Dafa is not research or collecting knowledge, and one cannot listen to the principles taught in Falun Gong, the Fa, with the attitude of obtaining knowledge, and one should give up this attachment in order to gain naturally without pursuit. Even today when I recall that question, I still feel ashamed.

I work in the field of electronic scholarly research, and I continually endeavour to use electronic theories to measure and evaluate the problems of supernormal cultivation, but this is obviously impossible. I have yet to remove this fundamental attachment of "researching" or "learning" Dafa as some ordinary people's academic theory. Accordingly, I will continue to work hard to remove it.

During the lecture, in order to let every practitioner see him clearly, Teacher would walk from downstairs to the upstairs, reaching every aisle. As he walked, Teacher also waved his hand. Wherever Teacher walked, the practitioners nearby would automatically stand up and applaud. Everyone felt very excited. It was really as though "Buddha’s light shines everywhere, propriety and righteousness harmonise everything." ( Zhuan Falun)

Toward the end of the lecture series, at the request of practitioners, Teacher performed a set of Dashouyin (Big Hand Signs). Teacher’s Dashouyin was amazing, and we were very pleased to watch. At the very end, Teacher spoke out his earnest hope: "I hope that after you go back home you’ll seize the day to really cultivate." (Zhuan Falun)

When everybody left the lecture hall, I still didn't want to leave, and I kept looking at Teacher. I saw Teacher standing at the near-door side of the lecture platform turning both of his arms toward everyone. I realised that was our compassionate Teacher's Shouyin (Hand Signs) of turning Falun (Law Wheel) to strengthen practitioners for speedy improvements toward reaching consummation.

Since attending Teacher's lectures, I have always been blessed by the immense grace of Falun Dafa, and my body has been fundamentally changed from its very core. At the beginning I only concentrated on doing the exercises: I exercised with other practitioners twice a day—once in the morning, as well as the evening.

On October 1st, 1994, although it was a holiday, I still went to do the exercises—along with the others—at an elementary school playground. When I finished the Falun Standing Stance, I opened my eyes and saw compassionate Teacher standing right next to us. We were all surprised and excited. We approached Teacher and started to talk with him. Teacher was always smiling. He was very patient in answering practitioners' questions. In the sunshine, we were blessed by the immense grace of Dafa. In the end, we walked with Teacher toward the gate. I was right next to Teacher and followed him closely. Suddenly, I felt that Teacher was so tall! A warm feeling flew through my body. After walking with Teacher to the car, we watched his car drive away into the distance.

That morning, one practitioner asked Teacher: "My body is big, and my legs are short and thick, so I have some difficulty doing the double-lotus. What should I do?" Others, including myself, also felt that it was very hard to do the double-lotus. However, Teacher calmly replied: "Eventually you need to reach the double-lotus position." After several months of studying Fa and exercising, this practitioner indeed achieved the double-lotus.

The same day, October 1st, before coming to our practice site, Teacher had also visited another practice site. He helped us choose a new practice field near the old one. The new field was flat in the centre and surrounded with trees. In particular, there were seven very tall pine trees in front (west) of the field. Although the new field was a little close to the traffic, when we started exercising and became tranquil, we wouldn't hear anything. After that, we always exercised together at this new field. In addition, more and more people started to join the group exercise—from about 10 plus people in the beginning all the way to more than 100 people later on. During that time, we never stopped group practise, regardless of rain, wind or holidays. Everybody attended the group exercises.

Because more and more new practitioners started joining the group exercise, in the morning section, I usually stayed in the corner of the practice site with beginners and taught them the five exercises. In about June or July of 1994, while we were doing group exercise, some people far away saw that, [as Teacher said in Zhuan Falun,] our practise field was enveloped in red light; the whole site was red. When we finished the exercise, these people came over and asked us what kind of qigong we were practising. We told them that it was Falun Gong. Afterwards, these people also joined us to study Falun Gong. They also went to Harbin City and attended Teacher’s lecture there.

We practised in a group every morning and studied the Fa together every evening. Initially, we either watched Teacher's lecture videos or listened to Teacher's lecture recordings. After Zhuan Falun was published in 1995, we started reading it every evening and read two lectures every night. I volunteered as a Fa-study group leader. Our group had about 20 to 30 people. When we studied, the room was filled. Each person read two paragraphs in turn. After finishing two lectures, we would discuss. Just like Teacher said in Zhuan Falun:

"The way you spread the practice is to play the audiotapes or videotapes for students at our practice sites or instruction places, and then you have the Assistants teach them the exercises. You can use the format of group discussions, where people learn from each other and share and discuss with one another. We require that you do it that way."

We gained a lot from the group study, and, as a result, we improved very quickly. Also like Teacher said in Zhuan Falun:

"I have a few books along with some audiotapes and videotapes. You’ll find that when you read them, listen to them, or watch them once, they’ll guide you, and you’ll discover that after a while, when you read them again, listen to them again, or watch them again, they’re sure to still have the effect of guiding you. You’ll be improving yourself nonstop, and they’ll guide you nonstop. That’s exactly how the Law is."

I realised via group Fa-study that I should commit to one discipline, so I got rid of all kinds of confusing qigong books and other related books. After that, I clearly felt much less interference when doing the exercises. In our study group a practitioner had very serious diabetes. Yet, after practising Dafa, not only did his illness go away, but he also became so strong that he could handle his own home remodelling with no problem at all. Another practitioner in our group had lung cancer, and he was planning to have surgery at that time. After joining us in Fa-study and group exercise for a little over two months, when he checked into the hospital again, the cancer area was greatly reduced so, he did not have the surgery and continued Dafa cultivation with us. When some practitioners' companies were assigning apartments (as benefits), they no longer fought. Another practitioner was hit by a car. And though the car was damaged, the practitioner incurred no serious injury to speak of. We studied the Fa, we improved our characters, we did the exercises, and we validated the Fa. In addition, we also held multiple experience sharing conferences to improve our cultivation. During one of the conferences, the background was a plain classroom blackboard. However, we found a background of photographs showing a beautiful landscape instead.

Not long after Zhuan Falun was published, Teacher asked the hometown practitioners from Changchun to set a good example in Fa-study and reciting the Fa. And practitioners of Changchun in general did very well. I have memorised all of Teacher's Essentials for Further Advancement articles. I hand-copied Zhuan Falun twice, and I am able to recite the first two lectures and the "I am Taking All Students as Disciples" section from the third lecture of Zhuan Falun.

Dafa’s immense grace has deeply blessed my heart. My body and mind have experienced huge changes. Before, I had public-paid medical benefits for prescription medication but have had no need for such stuff since practising Dafa. However, when I began practising Dafa, I used my benefits to get medicine for my parents. After studying the Fa, I realised that this was not right and did not meet the requirement of Dafa. Therefore, I stopped using my benefits for my parents. Instead, I went to a regular pharmacy and bought pills myself for my parents. In addition, I introduced Dafa to my parents, helping them study the Fa and be blessed by the immense grace. Since then, my parents' illnesses have been greatly reduced. Even though both of them were more than 80 years old, they had no cause for hospitalisation thereafter. They later died peacefully.

The miracle of Falun Gong attracted more and more people to enter into cultivation. However, in the spring of 1999, while the number of practitioners was increasing very quickly, the head of the Chinese Communist Party at that time, Jiang Zemin started the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Our cultivation environment was seriously affected.

I have seen with my own eyes and experienced with my own body that Falun Dafa is the true teaching. It’s the law of the universe and the rarest of opportunities not occasioned in thousands of years; therefore, I deeply cherish Dafa. I will keep cultivating inward, giving up my ordinary attachments, and follow Teacher closely on the Fa-Rectification path that remains.

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