Speech Given by UK Practitioner During a Press Conference at the Chinese Embassy on July 21st

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The following speech is from activities in London to commemorate eight years of persecution against Falun Gong. The statement is from a local Falun Gong practitioner and was read at a press conference opposite the Chinese Embassy on Saturday July 21st.

Today it is eight years we have been already coming here to this outpost of the most monstrous inhuman regime world has known – the regime of the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Eight years ago we only knew that the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China for their belief in Truth, Compassion and Tolerance by that party has just started.

As we stand here today, 8 years later, we are painfully aware that in fact thousands have died in the worst persecution world has ever known – the abhorrent genocidal persecution of 70 million peaceful Falun Gong practitioners in China.

What is even worse is the irrefutable evidence shows that many practitioners are held in death camps by the Chinese military to be harvested alive and killed in the most painful slow and horrendous death as their organs are sold for transplantation.

Are we surprised by these atrocities when we know the bloody history of the last 58 years when 80 million innocent Chinese citizens have lost their lives to the evil of communism? This communist monster has been supporting the recent atrocities in Darfur, Zimbabwe and elsewhere in Africa where thousands of innocent men and women are dying daily.

This communist monster has already made its preparations to disregard Human Rights during the Olympics in Beijing in a travesty of the Olympic Charter and these games were already labelled the “Genocide Games” by the free world.

Because it is a threat to world peace and to our humanity, the CCP is unmasked daily in demonstrations like this one by Falun Gong practitioners the world over. Thanks to the great work of Falun Gong practitioners, who really care about the people in China and really care about the future of all the people in our world, we see today that evil party has lost 25 million of its members – these are people who do not want to be associated with its crimes when it finally falls apart in the same way Communism fell apart elsewhere in the recent past.

Here in London the CCP is unmasked daily by UK Falun Gong practitioners, some of whom were tortured in China. And they stand here with us today in testimony to the evil they have directly experienced themselves.

The good people of the world are supporting us in this noble effort and we will all stand here together until the evil of the Chinese Communist Party has been finished and done with everywhere on Earth.

I am proud to have been standing here with you for the last eight years and I am proud to stand here again with of you all today. Thank you very much.

* * *

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