CCP Officials in Shandong Province Relentlessly Harass and Torture Mr. Ji Yongxian and His Family Members

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Ji Yongxian is from Taoxu Town, Mengyin County, Shandong Province. His parents, younger brother, younger sister and himself are all Falun Gong practitioners. In the past eight years, the local Chinese Communist Party (CCP) faithfuls have never stopped harassing them, extorting money from them, and arresting them.

Mr. Ji Yongxian is 46 years old and lives in Xidoushan Village. He is an elementary school teacher. He used to have numerous illnesses. In the winter of 1994, Ji Yongxian started practising Falun Dafa, and hence understood the real meaning of life. From then on, he followed "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" and spread the beauty and magnificence of Falun Dafa to his fellow villagers. As a result of his efforts, many families in his village also benefited from Falun Dafa, and their physical health and moral standards all improved.

On July 20th, 1999, Jiang Zemin's regime started the nationwide persecution of Falun Gong. The former head of Taoxu Town, Liu Xingshi, lawless person Shi Yunping, and others went to Ji Yongxian's home and confiscated all of his Falun Dafa books. In addition, they extorted about 3,000 yuan1 from his family. The former CCP party secretary of Taoxu Town, Jiang Yongjian, fired Ji Yongxian from his teaching position of over 20 years. In the meantime, all Falun Gong practitioners in Taoxu Town were extorted from 200 to as much as 1,000 yuan each.

Ji Yongxian and his brother Ji Yongshi went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. Policemen from the County Police Department stationed in Beijing brought them back. As a result, Ji Yongshi was forced to leave home and become destitute and homeless.

Suffering from Brutal Physical Torture

On the morning of February 8th, 2000, Ji Yongxian was arrested by the former head of the Taoxu Town Police Station, Liu Yong, and policeman, Diao Chuanjun. They detained him in the local police station where he suffered from inhuman tortures. Liu Yong first stripped off Ji Yongxian's clothes, and then kicked him to the floor. After that, Liu forced Mr. Ji to keep his legs straight, and then kicked and stomped on his legs. The former political head of the Taoxu Town Police Station, Zhang Daoxin, grabbed Mr. Ji's hair and forcefully shook his head back and forth. The former deputy head of Taoxu Town Police Station, Li Changxiang, forced Ji Yonxian to sit up with his arms and legs stretched parallel. When he could no longer hold his arms straight even for a little bit, Li would burn Mr. Ji's hands with a cigarette lighter. Diao Chuanjun, who was also a policeman in this police station, poured cold water on Mr. Ji and then blew air on him using an electric fan. Afterwards, he poured boiling water on him. After Mr. Ji lost consciousness, Diao poured cold water into his ears and eyes, intending to wake him up. In addition, he forcibly pulled Mr. Ji's hair at the temple area, which inflicted extreme pain.

In the evening, the former political head of the Taoxu Town Police Station, Zhang Daoxin, stripped off Ji Yongxian's clothes, and then tied him onto a metal chair with his hands tied to the two sides of the chair with a special pair of handcuffs, and his feet tied onto the legs of the chair.

A few days later, Ji Yongxian was sent to the Mengyin County Detention Centre where he was detained for a month. After that, he was transferred to Taoxu Town and detained and tortured together with about one hundred other practitioners.

On the evening of February 1st, 2000, led by the former CCP head of Taoxu Town, Jiang Yongjian, and the former deputy heads, Liu Xingshi, Li Weidong, Mo Guangli, Bao Xitang, Gao Baohua, Zhang Zhaohui and Zhou Zijun, and took some goons including Qin Chengzhi, Lai Xianlu, Li Qiang, Zhang Hongmeng, Mo Guangliang, Gao Keyong, Zhang Yujun and Lu Hu and rushed into a meeting room on the third floor of the Town Financial Institute and brutally beat detained Falun Gong practitioners for over four hours.

Liu Xingshi beat and kicked Ji Yongxian, hitting his face until blood streamed out of his nose. Another thug used a leather shoe sole to slap Mr. Ji's face and hit his head with a chair leg. After hitting Mr. Ji for a long time, Liu Xingshi was exhausted. He sank into a chair, rolled up his sleeves and yelled, "Beat him hard!" After that, about three or four other thugs dragged Mr. Ji by his legs and towed him around the room. Mr. Ji's clothes were torn, his head was swollen and his face was wounded beyond recognition. He was unable to see; his mouth was swollen so severely that he could not eat anything for three days. Seeing that Mr. Ji was about to die, the gang of thugs threw him in a corner.

Policemen Qin Chengzhi, Lai Xianlu, Gao Keyong and Li Qiang had beaten several practitioners to unconsciousness. Zhang Zhaohui grabbed Ji Yongxian's hair and forced him to slander Teacher [Teacher Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa]. Liu Xingshi pointed at the practitioners who were beaten to the floor and said, "Look at them; this is the law!" What's even worse, Liu ordered the thugs to throw the food, blankets and other living necessities that practitioners' families had left for them into a ditch filled with human waste.

When they tortured practitioners, they always turned off the lights and carried out their brutal conduct in the dim light from outside. The entire floor of the meeting room was covered red with the blood of practitioners. Every time, after beating the practitioners, the thugs would force them to raise their hands and to touch the wall with the tips of their feet and nose. Then practitioners would be forced to stay in that position for a long time. The thugs would maliciously kick whoever had moved just a little away from the wall.

On March 9th, 2000, Ji Yongxian and the other practitioners were transferred to the Judicial Institute. Every evening, the evildoers got drunk and then brutally beat practitioners using wooden clubs, bamboo sticks and fresh tree strips. Besides beating the practitioners, they also extorted money from them. They took turns beating the practitioners. If the sticks broke, they beat and kicked practitioners until they handed over large amounts of money (the total amount of forcibly extorted money amounted to more than 400,000 yuan). The receipts that had previously been issued, were collected three days later. If the practitioners refused to hand over the receipts, they were fined again. When some passersby saw the brutal tortures, the evildoers, Mo Guangli, Bao Xitang and Lai Xianglu, who carried clubs, chased them away.

The gang of thugs together beat Mr. Ji. Some used the Chinese scholar tree sticks, some used branches, and some used bamboo strips to ferociously beat his entire body. It was so painful that Ji Yongxian lost consciousness numerous times. When the thugs were tired, they forced collaborators2 to beat and kick him.

That evening, Ji Yongxian lay on the floor the entire night. He felt so miserable, it felt as though he was lying on broken glass. When Ji's father saw that his son had been beaten brutally, he became so terrified that he became sick and was bedridden. Fearing that Mr. Ji might die, his third uncle eventually collected over 8,000 yuan from more than 20 relatives and friends and gave the money to the evildoers as payment for his release.

The evildoers Gao Baohua, Mo Guangli and Liu Xingshi, and the other heads of the town claimed that in the future, when they collected fees from farmers for the town reserve, they could use the same torture methods on the farmers.

Forced Labour

In November 2000, while Ji Yongxian was collecting signatures to send to the United Nations, he was arrested and detained in the brainwashing centre for over 50 days. While in the centre, he suffered from inhuman tortures carried out by Lei Yancheng and Li Zhiye as well as some other leaders from the 610 Office, and some of their employees, Fang Simin and Wang Xin. At the time, Mr. Ji's son was in second grade, yet the 610 office3 extorted 500 yuan from his son. Because of that, his son had to quit school to work to pay the fines.

On June 19th, 2001, while on his way to visit his father, Ji Yongxian was arrested by a gang of thugs led by Zhang Zhaohui and detained at the Town Family Planning Centre. At about 8:00 p.m. that day, Mo Guangliang came in with four other people. Mo covered Mr. Ji's eyes with a piece of black cloth. After that, they dragged Mr. Ji to the parking lot at the back of the building and brutally beat him. Gao Baohua stepped on Mr. Ji's head, while Lai Xianlu and Qin Chengzhi - all together more than ten of them - started to whip and beat him with wooden clubs and rubber sticks until he lost consciousness.

The next evening, Zheng Jie and Hou Jimin from the police station took Ji Yongxian to an office in the former Industrial and Commercial Bureau where Zhang Daoxin and Diao Chuanjun cuffed his hands behind his back onto a wooden chair. After that, they turned the chair upside down with the legs directly poking into his back (his back had been beaten black and blue). It was extremely painful but he did not dare to move. The handcuffs were not locked. If he moved, the teeth of the handcuffs would poke into his flesh, (his hands felt numb for an entire year after this). He sweat profusely during this time. When Mr. Ji was thirsty, Diao Chuanjun gave him the water he had used to wash his face with. During the daytime, the evildoers would cuff Mr. Ji outside of the police station building to directly expose him to the sun. On June 27th, Mr. Ji was detained in the detention centre and the brainwashing centre for over three months. During this time, he was forcibly paraded with a board hanging around his neck through the streets in Tanpu and Duozhuang. On September 3rd, the evildoers sentenced Mr. Ji to three years of forced labour and imprisoned him in a labour camp in Wangcun Village, Zibo City.

While he was in this labour camp, his head was once burned by a pail of boiling water. His head was covered with blisters which had become infected and yellow pus dripped down from his face. It was too ghastly to look at. The doctor at the camp did not give him anything for this, not even some gel for his burn wounds. Instead, the doctor wanted to use ethyl alcohol to rub his wounds, but Mr. Ji refused. While he was in this condition, the evildoers still did not stop torturing him and still forced him to continue working.

Ji Yongxian was released on August 12th, 2003.

The Evildoers Continue Harassing and Extorting Money from Mr. Ji's Family

During the mid-autumn festival (on the 15th day of the eighth month, according to Chinese lunar calendar) in 2004, a gang of thugs led by Yin Yongtao from the police station, and Shi Kuanghuo from the 610 Office, broke into and ransacked Ji Yongxian's home at 11:00 p.m.

On February 29th, 2000, Ji Yongxian's younger brother went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. After returning home, he was forced to leave home and become destitute and homeless. Hu Faming and Shi Yunduan led people to arrest Ji's sister-in-law and his two-year-old niece. They were detained in the Law and Judicial Department and the Family Planning Bureau for more than 40 days. Their personal belongings, including a dresser, kitchen cabinet, sofa, sewing machine, dining table, a small round table, chairs, coffee table, fertiliser sprayer, iron water buckets, a big iron basin, TV, tape recorder, electric fan, silverware and dishes, peanut oil, and some gifts from friends, were all confiscated. What's more, the tall trees by their house were cut down and taken away. Shi Yunxing even took the small basin stand that was used to hold the basin for washing. Bao Xitang threatened that he would tear down the house door and take it away. He was going to tear down the house, but was stopped by some kind-hearted people who were watching. Only after paying the authorities 10,000 yuan were his sister-in-law and two-year-old niece released.

On April 29th, 2001, the town 610 Office head, Li Zhaofa, led Zhang Jiman, Mo Guangliang, Qin Chengzhi and Lai Xianlu, all together about a dozen of them, and broke into the residence of Ji Yongxian's sister in Tuxingzhuang Village and searched for Falun Gong materials. His sister was not home at the time, but they arrested the sibling's mother and detained her in the town building for more than 20 days. During that time, she was beaten into unconsciousness several times, and was only released after paying more than 400 yuan.

His destitute sister went home at around 10:00 p.m. on September 28th, 2001, but at midnight, someone reported her to the police, hence she was arrested. She and her two-year-old child were detained in the local brainwashing centre, where she suffered from tortures for more than two months. Relatives and friends gave the authorities gifts worth 400 yuan. After paying an extortion of about 3,600 yuan, Mr. Ji's sister and niece were finally released.

On August 13th, Ji Yongshi once again went to Beijing to appeal. He was arrested and brutally beaten at Tiananmen Square. His face was mangled and he lost consciousness many times. After being transferred back to his local area, he was detained at both the detention centre and the brainwashing centre. In November, he was transferred to the Wangcun Village Forced Labour Camp and detained there for three years. In only a few years, excluding other financial losses, his family was extorted out of a total of 30,000 yuan by the CCP.


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

2. "Collaborators": Former practitioners who have turned against Falun Gong under brainwashing and torture. They are then made to assist in brainwashing and torturing practitioners.

3. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

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