Germany: Audience Experiences the Beauty of Divine Performing Arts

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On the evening of February 13th, 2008, the European premiere of the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular was staged in Duisburg. Many people came in groups to watch the show and gained memorable insights into five thousand years of Chinese civilization. The following are interviews with members of the audience during intermission.

Osman Kulcu appreciated the Chinese culture presented in the Spectacular

February 13th happened to be Mr. Stefan Mattes' birthday. Knowing her husband's interest in Chinese martial arts and philosophy, Mrs. Mattes invited her husband to watch the Chinese Spectacular in celebration of his birthday. Mr. Mattes appreciated this special birthday gift very much. He especially loved the thought-provoking songs in the show, whereas Mrs. Mattes' favorites were the dances and she found "Drummers of the Tang Court" very exciting. They all praised the background and projection of the lyrics in German on the background.

Mr. Paul Sosna and his wife Angelika watched the show with great interest. Mr. Sosna said the show was grand and colourful, especially the fan dance. His wife, who studied Chinese in college, praised the program's exposure of the human right violations in China.

Osman Kulcu brought his Turkish girlfriend to watch the show. Mr. Kulcu beamed with excitement afterwards. He was very impressed with the beauty of the performances and the great skill of the dancers. It gave him an opportunity to appreciate Chinese culture. He hoped the show would be able to come to his town, Düsseldorf, next year. Mr. Kulcul's girlfriend, Mehtap Celiker loved the dancing, drumming and costumes.

All artists involved in the Chinese Spectacular are using performance to share the virtues of the traditional Chinese culture in which Falun Gong has its roots and that come from cultivating one's inner self. For more information please visit:

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