Investigation Lead: The People's Hospital in Linyi City Conducts Many Kidney Transplants and Covers Up Its Sources for Organs

The horrifying discovery of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners and the immediate cremation of their bodies to destroy the evidence was first reported on March 4th, 2006. The Falun Gong Association and the Minghui and Clearwisdom websites started the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China" (CIPFG). CIPFG is collecting evidence from people who have come forward with information and is calling on people who know the truth to further reveal the details of the crimes concerning illegal organ harvesting in China.

We call on all people of conscience to help expose the facts of this vicious persecution of Falun Gong practitioners inside secret concentration camps, forced labour camps, prisons, and hospitals in China. The sooner this atrocity is fully exposed, the sooner this brutal persecution will end. Below is information that came to light recently.

Investigation Lead: Jilin University First Medical College (formerly The First Clinical Hospital of Norman Bethune Medical University) in Changchun Continues Harvesting Organs from Living People

On June 10th, 2008, I went to visit a former colleague from work who suffered from uraemia. Shortly after I arrived at her house and had chatted with her for a little while, she received a phone call. She told me that it was from someone who had dialysis treatments with her. The caller had had a kidney transplant operation a month before at Jilin University First Medical College. She tried to persuade my colleague to have a kidney transplant as well. She said the price was not high, only about 150,000 yuan1. The doctor told her that the kidneys were all from young criminals--just over 20 years old--with healthy bodies who were on death row.

My colleague also told me that sources for kidneys were abundant and one didn't need to wait long, about two months at the most, less than a week the fastest, and that many people were waiting for kidney transplants.

I am wondering if all the organs are from Falun Gong practitioners who have been detained. I hope people with inside information and organizations will investigate.

Investigation Lead: The People's Hospital in Linyi City Transplants Many Kidneys and Doesn't Reveal Its Sources

A staff member at the People's Hospital in Linyi City, Shandong Province, revealed that doctors in his hospital have a record of many successful kidney transplant operations. During the week of March 10th to March 16th, 2008, two kidney transplants were completed.

Guo Fengfu, Head of the Urology Department, has done most of the transplants. He is a well-known "expert in kidney transplantation" in the Urology Department and known to everyone in the hospital. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) newspaper published articles about the People's Hospital and Guo Fengfu giving a free kidney transplant to a girl from a poor area.

Regarding where the kidneys came from, the hospital tried to keep it a secret and took many precautions not to reveal that information. They claimed that the kidneys were donated by relatives. Of the above two cases, an insider at the hospital said that one was from the patient's relative and one from the brother of the patient's wife. Question: Is it that easy to find matching organs among relatives?

Contact information for the People's Hospital in Linyi City:

No 27 Jie Fang Road East, Linyi City, Shandong Province
hone: 86-539-8226999
Hospital Director Hotline: 86-539-8200200
Customer Service Hotline: 86-539-8079555

Investigation Lead: Shi Lixin, a Urologist at the Beijing 301 Hospital, Has Conducted Many Kidney Transplants

Insiders revealed that Shi Lixin, a urologist in Beijing 301 Hospital, has conducted many kidney transplants. He did the operations not just in Beijing but in other cities as well.

His mobile phone: 86-13011214421

Investigation Lead: CCP Minister of Health Huang Jiefu Personally Did a Kidney Transplant

In October 2007 CCP Minister of Health Huang Jiefu did a kidney transplant for the affiliated hospital of Qingdao University. The hospital gave this a lot of publicity. The patient was from suburban Jiaonan City. An examination showed that the patient was suffering from metastatic liver cancer at the last stage. The liver was from Tianjin. There is no other information available.

This case was divulged by a student at the Qingdao Medical University and he suspected that it was a relative of an important figure. Otherwise, there was no need for Huang Jiefu to personally perform the operation, considering it was a metastatic liver cancer.

Investigation Lead: Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital Performed A Heart Transplant

The media reported that Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital recently performed a heart transplant. The patient was Li Jianqi, a staff member of Huabei Oil Field.

Investigation Lead: Organ Transplants in The First People's Hospital in Yancheng City Jiangsu Province; Organ Sources Suspicious

Since 2004 the First People's Hospital in Yancheng City Jiangsu Province, has completed six liver transplants, one heart transplant, and an unknown number of kidney transplants.

Li Dalin, Director, the CCP Party Secretary: 86-515-88500128 86-13305106068 (mobile)

Zha Wenzhang, Deputy Director, Head of Surgical Department: 86-515-88909001 86-13305109007 (mobile) (He did the liver transplant.)

Doctors' Office in the Department of Chest Surgery: 86-515-88508837
Nurses' Office: 86-515-88508838
Doctors' Office in the Department of Cardiac Surgery: 86-515-88508839
Nurses' Office: 86-515-88508840


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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