Suggestion of a German Police Officer: “Call the Police for Assistance if Anyone Comes to Harass You”

It was drawn to the attention of the German police that some Chinese people disguise themselves as students but actually serve as secret agents for the Chinese communist regime.

Nine cities of Germany held a joint activity, a “World Communist Party-Withdrawal Day” on June 28th, 2008. Duisburg, located in the Ruhr Industrial Area, is one among the cities. As June 28th, was also the day of the City Festival, a lot more people showed up on the street than regular weekends. Upon learning that approximately 40 million Chinese have quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and its associated organizations, many German people indicated their support and endorsement of this movement.

At about noon, a plain clothes policeman arrived at the service desk, telling practitioners his name and the police unit he was associated with. He asked whether there were any inappropriate people who came to harass practitioners or take photos. He advised practitioners to “call the police if anyone comes to harass you.” He added, “It is not a surprise that somebody comes to harass you. We know some Chinese students are doing something other than studying.”

The police officer said he felt sorry that he could not sign his name to support the practitioners’ petition because of his duty. However, he fully supported Falun Gong practitioners. Before he left, he shook hands vigorously with practitioners and wished them success in all their activities.

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