Many Practitioners Recently Arrested in Yingcheng City, Hubei Province

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On July 2nd, 2008 several practitioners from Dongmafang Township, Yingcheng City, Hubei Province were arrested. A dozen or so practitioners' homes were ransacked and there was no news whatsoever about one specific practitioner.

At 5 pm on July 2nd, Mr. Xiong Jiwei from the Employee's Hospital of Shuanghuan Science and Technology Ltd, Dongmafang Township, Yingcheng City, Hubei Province was "summoned" out of the hospital where he was working. When his family went to the hospital to look for him the following day, he was not there, though his mobile phone and other personal items were still at the hospital. Later it was confirmed that he was taken away by the police.

At about 7 pm on July 2nd, a group of police in five police cars forced their way into Mr. Wang Junping's home. Mr. Wang and his wife reacted very quickly. They spoke out for justice for Falun Gong to the police. The police were scared so they grabbed two CDs and left Mr. Wang's home. Not long after, the police returned to Mr. Wang's home, they broke in and ransacked the house.

Thereafter the police forced their way into Ms. Zhang Jingyu's home. Ms. Zhang was at work and not finding her, the police left.

Ms. Du Zuying and her husband Mr. Xiong Wende and two other practitioners, Mr. Zhu Guanyuan and Mr. Yan Saming, lived in the same courtyard. The police broke into the courtyard and ransacked their homes. They also arrested Mr. Zhu Guanyuan, Mr. Yan Sanming and Ms. Du Zuying. Ms. Du's husband Mr. Xiong Wende said in a very loud voice, "She is a patient. Do you still want to take her away?" (Ms. Du was previously arrested and detained. She was sent to a mental hospital where she was injected with unknown drugs that damaged her brain.) Then the police arrested Mr. Xiong instead. Mr. Xiong shouted at top of his voice, "Falun Gong is good!" He was handcuffed from behind and pushed into a police car. At the time he was in so much pain that he could not speak.

Mr. Zhu Guanyuan, about 50 years old, was not released from Shayang Forced Labour Camp, Hubei Province until June 9th, 2008.

Mr. Xiong Wende's neighbour had bought the house only a few days before. His house was also ransacked simply because of Falun Gong messages posted on the door that were written a few years ago by people who understood the truth. The police confiscated two DVD players and two cassette players.

At around 8 pm, police went to Xiang Hongxing's home. Xiang Hongxing had a security door and refused to open it. The police used an illegal method to destroy the security door and force their way into the house. They ransacked the house and arrested Xiang Hongxing.

When the police learned that Ms. Zhang Jingyu had returned home from work, they rushed to her home. Ms. Zhang had been arrested several times before and sentenced to forced labour for a year. When the police got there she refused to open her security door. The police used same method to destroy her security door and they ransacked the house. They arrested Ms. Zhang and confiscated a computer and other personal belongings.

The police then went to Ms. Chen Qingzhi's home. At the time Ms. Chen was not home. The police broke into the house and confiscated a computer and other items.

Mr. Li Guoping's home was ransacked by the police as well. There has been no news about him whatsoever since that time.

Mr. Zhu Sichun was arrested and his home ransacked.

It was learned that on July 1st, 2008 the local Communist Party officials had a teleconference meeting and decided to step up its persecution of practitioners. Xiaogan City, Hubei Province was set as the key area of the province and Yingcheng City is the key in Xiaogan city. Then Dongmafang Township became the key area of Yingcheng City. The meeting requested to persecute the practitioners with "severity and swiftness" and to "arrest a group and sentence a group."

Those that took part in the arrests and ransacking in Dongmafang Township included the National Security Division, the 610 Office1, the Police Department of both Yingcheng City and Xiaogan City as well as the police from Dongmafang Police Station and Langjun Police Station. They included Nie Yaoshan, He Jianshe, Zhou Weipeng, He Zhongping, Xu Zibing, Huang Gupying and Xu Wei.

Mr. Zhu Guanyuan, Mr. Yan Sanming, Xiang Hongxing, Mr. Zhu Xichun and Mr. Xiong Jiwei are now being held at the No. 2 Detention Centre, Yingcheng City. The whereabouts of Ms. Zhang Jinyu and Mr. Xiong Wende are unknown. There has been no news about Mr. Li Guping whatsoever.

We call on the people of conscience of the world community to show concern for the persecution of the practitioners in China. We also call on the people of conscience of international sports to show concern for the practitioners who are persecuted in the name of protecting the Beijing Olympics.

Yingcheng City "610 Office": 86-712-3248610

The Switchboard of the Yingcheng City Police Department: 86-712-3222123, 86-712-3222426

Zhang Yingyi, Head of the Yingcheng City No. 2 Detention Centre: 86-13971953333(Mobile)

Yu Zhikun, Head of the Yingcheng City No. 2 Detention Centre: 86-13707293469, 86-712-3228056

Nie Yaoshan, (prime culprit in persecuting the practitioners over the past 9 years) male, Former Head of the Political and Security Section of Yingcheng City Police Department and currently a leading member of the National Security Division: 86-712-3247566(Home), 86-13971940576(Mobile), 86-13307293576(Mobile)

Zhou Weipeng, Head of Dongmafang Police Station, Deputy party secretary of Dongmafang Neighbourhood Office


1. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

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