London: "The show can purify human hearts and minds, and upgrade people's spirits."

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On March 4th, 2009, the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) performed an afternoon and evening show at the New London Theatre. Spontaneous rounds of applause burst forth throughout the performance. After watching the show, Chinese people were deeply touched. They felt proud to watch this renaissance of China's 5,000-year history and culture.

Student from Mainland China: The DPA Show Touched Me Deeply

Mr. Chen, from mainland China is studying accounting. On the evening of March 4th, he was in the audience with his wife and daughter. After watching the show, Mr. Chen said that he was deeply touched, "The show awakens our divine nature. The dances, songs and music are of great help to people who had thought that they'd lost their past. I think the choreography is particularly good! I felt from the beginning what a human being is. I was able to understand it immediately after I watched this performance."

Mr. Chen added, "This is the first time I watched such a show. In particular, when I saw the scene that depicts the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s persecuting Falun Gong, I was so angry that I almost stood up and shouted 'Down with the CCP!' "

Mrs. Chen favoured the costumes. She said, "The costumes are so colourful and beautiful. It is the Chinese traditional beauty."

She also loved the backdrop, "I can feel that they are like deities coming to this world. It is so beautiful!"

Mr. Chen said that he felt a huge difference, "When I was in China, no matter how rested I was, I felt sleepy as soon as I watched a show or listened to a concert. Yet, although I hadn't slept the entire night before the DPA show, I did not doze off. That is the huge difference. I am deeply touched. "

Mainland Chinese: Divine Performing Arts, Please Come to China

Mr. Guo, from Shanghai, has lived in Britain for more than two years. After watching the DPA show on March 4th, he said, "The costumes and choreography of the Chinese traditional dance are wonderful. Especially in the Westerners' eyes, the Chinese ladies look graceful and elegant. The performances in China are low-level and vulgar."

He continued, "In fact, it is not good for people if they don't have a spiritual pursuit. Atheism makes people not believe in God or that good and evil deeds all have their just rewards or retributions, so people make money fair or foul. The ethical standard has greatly declined. To tell you the truth, the DPA show touched and amazed me."

Before parting he said,"The show can purify human hearts and minds, and upgrade people's spirits. It would be wonderful if the show could be performed in China. In the future, you must come to China and perform! "

A Student from China: People with Normal Cognitive Abilities Will Not Trust the CCP's Propaganda

Mr. Hui has studied in Great Britain for three months. He felt fortunate to have watched the DPA show immediately after he came to Britain.

Mr. Hui was taken with the scene that depicts Falun Gong. He said that he had some Falun Gong friends. They were all very nice. He thought most of the Chinese people were aware of the (persecution) issue, but this topic can't be addressed openly in China. He said that in China there is a lot of negative propaganda about Falun Gong. But he thinks all people with normal cognitive abilities will not trust the CCP's propaganda.

A Student from China: I'm Happy that the DPA Revives Traditional Chinese Culture

Ms Li and Miss Cao came from China to study in Great Britain two years ago. They said they had never watched such an authentic traditional Chinese show.

Ms Cao was deeply moved by Soprano Huang Biru. She said, "The soprano's voice in particular amazed me, as did her."

DPA artists are mostly foreign born Chinese who grew up overseas. Their mission is to restore the 5,000 year-old divine culture.

Ms Li said, "This purpose is really good. Many scenes are very touching."

Ms Li also said that the dances that show the culture of minorities are wonderful, too. They would help Westerners to know more about China.

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