Ireland: Assembly Supporting Fifty-one Million People Quitting CCP

On March 14th, 2009, an assembly to support the fifty-one million people who have quit the CCP was held in Dublin. The Irish Youth Labour Party Chairman, Mr Brian O’Connor, the Youth Green Party Chairman, Mr Barra Routree and others came to support and give speeches.

The Supporting Fifty-one Million People Quitting CCP assembly

At one o’clock, the parade began in Parnell Square, ending in front of the Post Office headquarters. The parade held some ten plus banners showing support for the fifty-one million Chinese getting who have quit the CCP’s regime and appealed for more Chinese to awaken. When they passed Parnell Street, many Chinese came out of the shops, looked out from windows or paused in the street, staring and thinking. Some Chinese asked for fliers in order to get further information.

The Irish Youth Labour Party Chairman, Mr Brian O’Connor said in his speech," Firstly, I, representing the Labour Party, express our respect and support to the fifty-one million. I hope I could send the message that we are always behind and supporting you. Fifty-one million is such a great number. It can be seen that CCP is in such a situation that it is going to the end. The present situation in China is quite similar to that of East Europe when the Berlin Wall collapsed. At that time the people who quit the Communist Party were also in a great number, and then the party collapsed over night. I believe that the CCP will dissolve very soon and China is heading for liberation. After the Olympic games, the trade between the west and the CCP is still increasing, whereby the CCP put these money in persecuting Chinese folks. It is injustice to Chinese people".

The Youth Green Party Chairman, Mr Barra Routree expressed in the gathering in the hope of more people quitting CCP, in the past few years, there were fifty-one Chinese folks who have quitted the CCP. This is a major breakthrough. "I hope there will be more joining in. in a short time we will see collapse of the dictatorship regime, the CCP".

Ms. Ye, a volunteer of the Ireland Quitting CCP Service Center expressed congratulations to the fifty million Chinese people who have awakened and quit the CCP. Meanwhile, we also appeal for those who have not quit the CCP to abandon their wishful thinking about CCP. Get rid of CCP’s mental control and choose liberty and brightness. Quit the CCP as early as possible and don’t share the CCP’s coffin.

Mr. Zhang, a Falun Gong practitioner who participated in the assembly recalled that the evil CCP committed countless crimes to Mainland China’s variety of races in the past several decades. The cruel persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, which began in July 1999, put China in catastrophe. Falun Gong is a cultivation group. The practitioners have never been involved in politics and do not have any political request. The exposure of CCP today is precisely to help Chinese people get rid of CCP’s control. The quitting CCP torrent, which has resulted in fifty million people quitting CCP system, displayed a great historical process that has never been seen worldwide. Falun Gong practitioners’ peaceful and fearless action despite of the CCP’s cruel persecution is evolving into a valuable spiritual wealth of the world, which enables more and more righteous people stand up in the face of CCP’s cruel persecution to cry for a bright future for China.

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