Australia: Mainland Chinese Praise Shen Yun's Performances in Brisbane

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There were a number of people from China among the audience of the Shen Yun Performing Arts' (SYPA) shows in Brisbane, Australia. Below are some of their comments:

Sun Hanrun, who came to Australia from Shenyang, China four months ago, said: "The dances have profound meaning. The movements are traditional too. The shows in China are shallow; there is no deep content in them. The Shen Yun show is different. Every movement and facial expression was amazing. It shows the inner purity. Shen Yun is really rare."

Mr. Sun said he cried during the programme "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution", which makes reference to the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

He said: "One of my friends in high school practises Falun Gong, so I know a little about it. He is not allowed to go to college because of his Falun Gong belief."

"I heard about the brutal persecution. It is really scary. It is no longer a political issue; it is totally anti-humanity."

"Many people don't know about Falun Gong. No matter what the media says, one should judge Falun Gong practitioners based on their behaviour. Falun Gong practitioners never use violence. You can tell it is a peaceful group. What the communist party says are lies."

Ms. Yi from Guangdong just graduated and gained a degree in accounting. She highly praised the show. She said the show is pure and helps preserve the traditional culture.

"Modern Chinese have lost the essence and the purity of our culture, and only keep the shallow and superficial stuff. People have also commercialised our culture." "This show is great. It has profound content. It shows that gods save people in different ways."

Ms. Yi also praised the advanced technology in the show. "I will recommend this show to my family and friends in China. It is pure and perfect. It is very rare."

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