Australia: "Shen Yun Performing Arts Is An Awakening"

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A packed house enthusiastically welcomed the Shen Yun Performing Arts 2009 World Tour to the Parade Theatre in Kensington, Sydney.

Ms. Zgravka, an economist, saw Shen Yun with her daughter Lara on Sunday, April 19th, and thought Shen Yun was delivering the sort of message young people should be hearing. "I loved it! It's an awakening to youth not to forget the old culture."

Because she is originally from Croatia, Ms. Zgravka said she cried as she watched "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution," as she said that communist oppression is very real. "I really cried when communism was coming. Very touching. We were touched to know that it is happening now."

Her daughter Lara added that she was shocked along with her mother to find out that such things are happening in China today.

Ms. Zgravka was moved by the profound depth of China's authentic culture, "Really gracious, the old spirit of culture."

Highly Recommends Shen Yun To Others

Mr. Heuke, a retired clerk, also saw Shen Yun at the matinee session and found it "extremely good, extremely enjoyable. I find it beautiful, the costumes, bright music, the singing especially the tenor - he was wonderful."

He said, "Yes, very good indeed. Every part I have seen has been fantastic."

Mr. Heuke said he would be sure to tell his friends to come and see Shen Yun, saying, "I will say that this is a wonderful show, that you must see it because it has come from so far away ... with so many wonderful people putting on a great performance."

Opera Singer and Pianist: "So Beautiful"

Sunday's matinee performance, the first of eight Sydney performances, was packed and the audience responded enthusiastically. Ms. Landau, piano teacher and opera singer, thought the show was "absolutely fantastic!"

Ms. Landau's trained sensitivities appreciated Shen Yun's performances most deeply. She said, "The costumes were fantastic, the drums were marvellous, the singing was marvellous."

She also loved the pianist and the singers and the backdrops "everything so colourful, so beautiful," she said.

Lawyer Found the Performance "Lovely"

A Sydney-based lawyer, Kate, who attended the performance, said the experience was "lovely."

She enjoyed a lot of things about the performance, in particular the precision of the dance movements. "The movements were beautiful and executed in such a delicate balance. It was really exquisitely performed. I thought it was beautiful. The colour, the costumes, the lighting and the energy of the performance was really beautiful."

Kate said the performers were "a delight. They gave the sense of great joy in being able to be here and share their energy, and that was really transmitted to the audience extremely well."

She shared, "I just love doing business with Asian people, and I love the energy of living with the Asian community. So to be able to see this in their art is just another extension of wanting to see and understand and embrace the Asian influence in my country."

She noticed that children in the audience, "There were so many young children in the audience. At first I thought: 'Oh, this is going to be interesting', but they were just so mesmerised by the colours, use of costumes, the lighting and the clever use of technology. It was a lovely experience."


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