Doctors and Nurses Persecuted in Baoding Second Hospital for Holding Firm to Their Belief in Falun Dafa

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In April this year, the "610 Office" (An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.) in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, issued a document calling for an escalation of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. The leadership in Baoding Second Hospital illegally held brainwashing classes and tried to force Dafa practitioners employed by the hospital to write pledges to give up practising Falun Dafa. Since the practitioners are very determined in practising Falun Dafa, on April 30, the "610 Office" and Division I of the Public Security Bureau dispatched people to the hospital and tried to force practitioners into Nanma "Brainwashing Class."

A young male practitioner was injured during this brutal act. Even though he fainted, the police still sent him to the brainwashing class in an ambulance. Later on, fearing that he might die there, they took him to a hospital for emergency treatment. While hospitalised, he was monitored 24 hours a day. Ten days later, he managed to leave the hospital and is now homeless, knowing that if he returns to his home, the police will abduct him again. Afterward, the "610 Office" and the practitioner's workplace often sent people to harass his family and parents. They even sent people to wait for him at Tiananmen Square. On May 19, his work unit even sent about 40 or 50 workers to wait for him at Tiananmen Square.

When his wife (also a practitioner) went back to work early this June after maternity leave, the leader of the hospital asked her to write a pledge [to give up Falun Dafa], otherwise she would be sent to brainwashing classes. She had little choice but to abandon their home, taking their 6-month old baby with her, and thus mother and new baby, too, were forced into homelessness. One of them [the couple] is a surgeon and the other a gynaecologist in the hospital, with a reputation for being responsible and hard working. They appealed for Dafa in Tiananmen in October 2000, then were illegally detained for one week and fined almost 30,000 Yuan (the average monthly income in urban China is about 500 Yuan).

Another female Dafa practitioner was forced into Nanma "brainwashing class" by the same hospital and was not released for over a month. This practitioner had appealed on Tiananmen Square in October 2000 and was held in a detention centre for one week at that time. She was fined 10,000 Yuan and fired from her post as a head nurse.

Since there are more practitioners who have been forced into homelessness from Zhuozhou city than other cities, the "610 Office" in Zhuozhou recently set up a "tracking group" in Tiananmen to arrest Dafa practitioners, and they also planned to identify some practitioners through the Internet.

General Secretary of Zhuozhou City Party Committee, Li Shuxin

Director of Zhuozhou "610 Office," Li Ming

Director of Division I of Zhuozhou Public Security Bureau, Xie Yubao

Baoding Second Hospital

Director, Tian Ying

Vice director, Zhang Hongxi

Hospital Office phone number: 86-312-3862323

Director of Party Office, Wu Xiurong, home phone number: 86-312-3860272

General secretary of Communist Youth League of China, Li Hu, home phone number: 86-312-3862996

Director of the Security Department: Cai Hui, Tel: 86-312-3862389


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