Taiwan: Rotary Club President: "Very Spectacular from Beginning to End!"

As part of a 10-city tour of Taipei, Taiwan, the New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts was warmly received at the sold-out National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall on March 19th-20th, 2010.

Mr. Wang Bowei, president of Rotary Club Taiwan and president of GeneSys Rack Corporation was among the audience members.

"It's really terrific! It's very spectacular from the beginning to the end!" he said.

Mr. Wang commented on the values portrayed in the show's ancient legends brought to life through dance and music, remarking that the show was a wonderful way to transmit upright moral education.

He also talked about how the show helps to bring out a person's true nature, a nature devoid of selfishness and pettiness.

"After watching Shen Yun, one will no longer insist on getting what he shouldn't have. In turn, his spiritual level will be upgraded!"

When asked to give his overall impression of the show, Mr. Wang said, "Shen Yun features a good fusion of dance, art and music. Throughout the whole performance, Chinese history and stories of historic significance are presented through [the performers'] body movement, dance, music, and vocals. It's quite impressive."

He closed by saying that Shen Yun is a tribute to the Chinese people and that overseas Chinese were sure to enjoy the show. "Through art and culture, [Shen Yun] successfully interprets the long river of history, " he said. He added that he thought that the show would delight non-Chinese people as well.

Renowned Professor from China: "My Hands Got Swollen from Clapping During the Show!"

Also in the audience was Professor Xiao, a renowned figure in China. "You see, my hands got swollen because I kept clapping during the show!" he exclaimed.

He felt very fortunate to see the show while he was visiting the city. "It is really good. The show is so exquisite. You can't see anything like it elsewhere," he said.

The professor commented on the fact that Shen Yun was able to effectively capture the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture through dance and music. "Chinese culture is very broad and the Shen Yen show tries to pass it down to future generations. The performances in the show, such as Imperial Archers and Wu Song Battles the Tiger, truthfully reflect historical figures and periods, after careful research.

"We have all read the story in the novel Water Margin before. However, we have to resort to our imagination to recreate the past, and now the scenes of the drama illustrate the story right in front of our eyes. This is not easy to achieve."

Professor Xiao thought it was "really great!" that the Shen Yun performers and musicians were dedicated to reviving ancient Chinese culture.

He added, the whole show was "extraordinary. The colour is very bright and attractive. The design is perfect."

The professor concluded by saying, "I definitely would like to see the show again. The show is organised so well that it will never lose its appeal. I guess I could watch it more than a hundred times."

Vice Chairman of Telegent Technology Corp: Shen Yun's Training and Professionalism Is Truly Admirable

Mr. Chen Hailu, Vice Chairman of Telegent Technology Corp. who also serves as president of two other companies, was also in attendance.

"The training and professionalism of Shen Yen Performing Arts group is outstanding. No matter from which aspect we look at the show, the staff members are well-trained," he said.

Mr. Chen described Shen Yen performance as "a large-scale performance."

"In the show I just saw, each dance programme was carried out by more than a dozen dancing artists. Every programme was good, making the show an exquisite one as a whole."

"Such kind of entertainment is very unique," Mr. Chen said.

Chen was excited to see such a wide range of seldom-seen Chinese folk dances enacted on stage, adding that the dances that he had previously seen were rather slow-paced.

"In contrast, the Shen Yen performance includes dances with fast rhythms so that strength and beauty are exhibited. The dancers coordinate with one another quite well."





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